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Painted figures reach up towards the world representing an advertisement for World AIDS Day, December 1st, by the National AIDS Strategy [Canada]. Colour lithograph by Vivian Reiss and Quorum Graphics.

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World AIDs Day. December 1. Families take care. Canadian AIDS Society (CAS); Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS); Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA); Health Canada (HC); Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR); Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR); International Development Research Centre (IDRC); Interagency Coalition on AIDS (ICAD); Canadian Society for International Health. In partnership with the National AIDS Strategy. Illustration: original painting by Vivian Reiss; Design: Quorum Graphics (Ottawa); Pre-press preparation: P.R. Graphics Limited; Printing: Del/Charters Litho Inc. (Toronto) Lettering also in French.


    Credit: Wellcome Collection

    Free to use with attribution for non-commercial purposes

    CC BY-NC


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