Drug advertising ephemera. Box 3.

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Box file containing items of Allen & Hanburys Ltd. ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes items from a series using old prints of London streets, birds, butterflies, famous paintings, ceramics, blotters featuring Allen & Hanbury's products for 1904 and 1905, Guanimycin (diarrhoea, 1967-76), Haliborange (halibut liver oil : rickets, scurvy, vitamin tonic), Hazol drops and spray (nasal decongestant, 1966), Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine Calf Lymph (1903, 1904), Piriex , Ethnine (cough, 1970-1), Piriton (hay fever, 1967-80), Polyglandin (endocrine extract of the thyroid, ovary, testis, pituitary glands for menopause, gynaecological conditions, sexual neroses (impotence?), asthenia, infantilism), Propaderm (eczema, 1974-9), Quinine-Urea-Hydrochloride (local anaesthetic, disinfectant, malaria), Sednine (cough, 1966-8), Spiromol (Phthisis, bronchitis, nasal catarrh, 1925), a glass inhaler (1925), Sulpenin penicillin (1958, haemolytic streptococcal, staphylococcal gonococcal infections), Trandate (hypertension, 1977-81), Triptafen-DA (depression, anxiety : tranquilizer, 1966-79), Triptafen-Minor(1972-9), Ventolin (inhaler, tablets: oral bronchodilator, airways obstruction, 1878-81), Vi-Daylin (vitamins), Allenburys tablets of compressed drugs, Dioxogen (mouth wash, antiseptic), Byno-Hypophosphites (tonic in nervous prostration and overstrain, includes strychnia, 1914), Bynin Amara (1904, strychnine, quinine), Byno-Haemoglobin (anaemia, phthisis, convalescence, 1905), Allenburys Throat pastilles (1905).

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.


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