Acupuncture chart, renmai (the Director Vessel)

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Acupuncture chart, renmai (the Director Vessel). Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Woodcut illustration from an edition of 1537 (16th year of the Jiajing reign period of the Ming dynasty). The Director Vessel (renmai) [also translated as 'Conception Vessel'] is a channel running from the lower abdomen. It has 24 acu-moxa locations, all of which are clearly marked. See 'Lettering' for full list of point names.


Picture title: Illustration of acu-moxa locations on renmai (the Director Vessel), one of the Extra Channels. Point names: Huiyin (Convergence of Yin); qugu (Curved Bone); zhongji (Middle Pole); guanyuan (Pass to the Origin); shimen (Stone Portal); qihai (Sea of Qi); yinjiao (Yin Intersection); shenque (Numinous Watchtower); shuifen (Water Separation); xiawan (Lower Cavity); jianli (Strengthen the Interior); zhongwan (Middle Cavity); shangwan (Upper Cavity); juque (Great Watchtower); jiuwei (Turtledove Tail); zhongting (Central Courtyard); danzhong (Chest Centre); yutang (Jade Hall); zigong (Purple Palace); huagai (Magnificent Canopy); xuanji (Jade Pivot); tiantu (Celestial Prominence); lianquan (Edge Spring); chengjiang (Receiving Fluids)


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