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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 3 ['Letter Book 3']

Mar 1890 - Nov 1896
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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfiche version quoting the reference AMS/MF/162. **

500 pages used.

The title which would have been on the spine is missing. There is one item for Feb 1890 that has been inserted at the front of the volume, see 'Paige'.

This letter book consists mostly of typed copies, with some ms copies. Most of the typed copies are clearly legible. Unusually, the Letter Book is full (p.1-500), often with 2 letters per page, and there are a few additional letters taped in, only p. 494 is blank. The pages often have either 1 or 2 numbers marked in blue pencil, showing previous and subsequent related correspondence within the book. There is also an alphabetical index at the front of the book. The copy letters are usually the signed copies, in this book the letters were often signed on behalf of Wellcome ,presumably by his secretary, and are clearly indicated as such.

Dr RR ALEXANDER 107 referred RA to another person for a reference for Solicitor, EF Fox.
H ALLBUT 125 enc. donation to Mrs Samberger Fund.
ALLEN & CARRUTHERS 493 re. publication of the 'Thanksgiving Souvenir Album', a list of 'particulars'.
H ALLING Kensington 124, 137 demanded payment of promissory note due Apr 1895.
AMERICAN SOCIETY, Secretary JW Earle, 430 - HSW offered to make up possible shortfall in dinner subscriptions, also re. meeting of the committee.
Patent Office 94 registered designs for use by the AS, Jul 1895.
Edgington & Co 93 see LB2 for related letters
[see also Chamberlin, BF Stevens & baseball 379]
H ANDREWS, Freemason 151 vote for Royal Masonic Institution for Girls.
CW ARMITAGE 268 re. introduction of GP Marshall by CA to HSW

Chas BAKER, Temple Yacht Club 404 subscription.
Dr NW BALDWIN, Italy 117 re. Medicine Case
AW BALL 290 re. Shirland Road Stables account
HJ BALL Umballa 38 possible position for Ball's son, also re. SMB's death.
BARCLAY & FRY 142 bill for American Society dinner programme.
TJ BARRATT 116, 121. re. 'Article Club' [see also 91 & 95] re. possible inclusion of Pears Soap, also 121 congratulated TJB joining the Club.
Gilbert BARTHOLOMEW, Freemason 451 re. candidature vote
RC BEETON 323 re. Mr Duncan
Mrs JS BIGELOW 194 re. death of Mr Aronson of New York.
BLABER 433 re. termination of rooms at Ryder Street.
Herbert P BLAKE, Southampton 130, 133, 209, 345, 348, 376, 380, 443
Re hire of yacht and payment of account. HSW had specific requirements and requested several yacht plans, also p. 376 'I want a yacht free from smells' 443 telegram confirmed agt.
Reginald BLUNT 49, 97, 109, 143, 151, 198. re. Carlyle House
HM BOMPAS 425 reference for Mr WHN Blackhouse, Dispensing Chemist.
R BORTHWICK 36 ack. acquisition of Chino-Japanese War prints for HSW.
AH BOWLES, Freemason 258, 434. 257 HSW declined office of Provincial Grand Inner Guard; 434 accepted Provincial Grand Senior Overseer.
Mr BOYLAN, Dartford Factory 366, 370 re. experience of Mr Parker, Dartford employee - emphasises confidentiality [see Searl & Leake]
BRADBURY WILKINSON & Co 234 ordered headed notepaper.
BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR the ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE, Arthur W Rucker 284, 484 subscriptions
Dr FL BROWN 142 HSW requested submission of articles on more specific topics
Mrs SM BURROUGHS [Olive] 2, 250. 2 re. partnership agreement and assistance to SMB's secretary, 250 forwarded mail.
Dr John H BYRNE, Chicago 254 re. an introduction to Byrne's friend Windus, also re. HSW's mother's illness.

Mrs CARDEW 223 re. appointment.
JC CAME, Factory 414 enc. gift of a watch 'as a mark of my appreciation of your many years of faithful service in the firm's interests'
RK CANTLEY 280 re. possible meeting.
CAPITOL & COUNTIES BANK 496 enc. cheque to be paid into Pelham's account
282 CARTWELL thanks for a Christmas present.
CARLYLE HOUSE, PURCHASE FUND see Blunt, Hovenden, Lumsden, Stevens also Lee & Pemberton, and Pemberton [Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881 Writer, his Chelsea house was purchased 14 years after his death by subscription, later passed to the National Trust]. Mostly re. the Purchase Fund: the Committees which HSW sat on, meetings, Open Days, house repairs, accounts etc.
CARTWRIGHT, Guayaquil, Ecuador 474. HSW wanted to know whether a recent 'tremendous fire' had affected Cartwright. A postscript asked for 50 large Balsa Palma logs to be shipped to him for planks [for his new boat, see Pelham]
I CARY Sanitary Magazine, New York, 69, HSW sent Mother of Pearl Shirt studs via SW Fairchild to Cary.
HB CHAMBERLIN 20, 47, 75, 90, 105, 185, 194, 205, 229, 281, 317, 338, 364, 374, 375, 379. re. American Society Committee - [HSW on cttee] formation of rules, (associate) membership, elections, HSW signatory for invoices, HSW personal payment for dinners. Inc. p.90 praise for BF STEVENS; 229 hope that Roosevelt would chair 1895; 205 & 379 declined invitation to Quator Coronati Freemason Lodge; [NB 338 the letter on 339 has bled through, making HC's letter blurred]
CHAMBERS, Guayaquil, Ecuador 475 HSW wanted to know whether a recent 'tremendous fire' had affected Chambers.
CHANCERY LANE SAFE DEPOSIT Co 51. Authorised MS&Co to access the deposit box jointly held by SMB & HSW.
Will. E CHAPMAN Freemason, 89, 283, 352, 375. 89 enc. cheque; 283 accepts place on committee re. 'Major Clifford Probyn's candidature for office of Grand Treasurer of the Mark'; 352 apologised for non attendance at the Savage Club Lodge; 375 subscription.
CHEMIST & DRUGGIST 291-292. re. article in Dec issue 'British Injustice to Americans' - re. 1881 'Chemical & Pharmaceutical Exhibition' [sic - see 'International Medical & Sanitary Exhibition'] . HSW disagreed with the article, he blamed the Jury for 'personal prejudice' and extolled the British 'Profession, Trade, and Press' for their support. CHEMISTS ASSISTANTS ASSOCIATION, Secretary Charles Morley, and George Roe, 191, 311. HSW purchased dance tickets, to be passed to staff, declined to act as steward 'As I never attend dances'.
R [Alabone] CHEVERTON 393 reference for Mr Mealing.
Carlos J CHRISTIE BW&Co Spain 274 re. meeting whilst Christie on visit to London, also thanks for present of a hammock.
HG CHENERY, Globe Theatre, Strand 124B 236 tickets for Charley's Aunt.
CLARENCE LODGE Wm Baker, Freemason 127, 161-162, 256, 289, 299b, 483 [see Kirby, Drysdale, Sudlow]. 127 called meeting of the Freemason Clarence Lodge to discuss implications upon Kirby's death. 161-162 re. name-change from Clarence to Kirby Lodge, the Kirby Memorial Fund, Bro. Drysdale to write an obituary for a pamphlet; 256 enc. cheque and endorsed Sudlow's suggestion for a monument at Kirby's grave at High Wycombe Cemetery; 289 & 299 settled Kirby's accounts, 483 re. 'Festival'.
Dr SB CLARK 62, 65 refused an interview re. SMB's affairs, SBC's queries to be in writing, when not forthcoming refers Clark to his solicitors.
W&H CLINCH 178a settled account
RJ Maitland COFFIN 367 sent a price list and complimentary 'Tabloid Easton's Syrup'
S COHEN, Holborn 89, 180. re. Cohens 'Acelia' an anti dandruff hair restaurant and payment of account.
JH COLLINGS 420 enc. cheque
JJ COLLINS, Vice Consul US, London 102 sent 2 menus and thanks for the loan of a picture of the Capitol [also a cancelled identical letter incorrectly addressed]
The Hon. Pat. A COLLINS, American Consul General, London 287 introduced Tussaud re. portrait of President Cleveland.
COLUMBIA LODGE, J Cumming 172, 396. [see Crane, Jessurun - 'WM' of the lodge, Lamb, Sandberg, Spratling] 172 re. wreath for 'Brother Kirby'. 396 settled account [of Columbia Lodge]. Many of the letters to fellow freemasons from this lodge concern subscriptions, but also the timing and format of meetings.
Lesser COLUMBUS 44, 134, 201, 236, 304, 310, 339, 344, 348, 403. Mainly re. Article Club business - meetings, payment for dinners, new members etc. Also 44 re. cruise; 134 Kirby's death; 304 re. rules of club - that no 2 competing firms should be members [this explains comments in 201], also refers to Greenlees [whisky].
Captain Alfred COOK 218 thanks for pheasants.
Thomas P COOK 143 requested details of 'HM's return' [Hector McNeill]
E COOPER, AS Watson & Co 35 acknowledged acquisition of Chino-Japanese War prints for HSW.
J COOPER Freemason, 335, re. Fidelity Jewel see also Columbia Lodge.
VDB COOPER, Freemason, 85 VDBC nominated as Junior Steward. Merton Russell COTES, Hotel, Grand Canary 355 re. introduction of Dr Lloyd Jones to HSW.
FJ COX, Freemason,197 Returned 'History of the Masons Company of London'
COX & KING 137 payment of account.
George T COX Freemason, 365 vote for RMIG.
R Newton CRANE 192, 231, 271, 350. 192, 231 re. Freemason, Columbia Lodge business; 271 HSW congratulated Crane on his success in court representing BW&Co in the 'Tea Arbitration Case'; 350 requests Crane's draft of 'Lanoline Agreement'.
CREMER & Co New Bond Street 153, 171, 196. specifications for boots being made for HSW.
CREOSOTE ARBITRATION 160 Letter sent to: Barron Harvey & Co; Burgoyne Burbridge & Co; Drysdale & Co; Evans Lescher & Webb; Hearson, Squire & Francis; Hodgkinson, Treacher & Clark; Wright Layman & Umney 160. HSW was the arbitrator between Wright Layman & Umney and Mr E de Haen [of Domeier & Co]. 160 wanted opinions based on experience of the difference between a sample of 'Beechwood Creosote' and the goods delivered, which the case centred on. 316 HSW refused payment for his role. [see also WL WILLIAMS and J MOSS]
Charles CRESSWELL, Society of Chemical Industry 428, sent regret that HSW and F Power were unable to attend function.
CRITERION RESTAURANT, Mr Mancell, 410 re. American Society 4th July Dinner.
Dr WH CROSS 255 258. Both re. meeting, also offered a copy of 'visiting list' and sent Tabloid samples.
William Elroy CURTIS, Washington 279 re. letter p. 276 for possibility of WEC writing for the Daily Telegraph.

DAILY TELEGRAPH, Editor Edward Le Sage 276 proposal that W Elroy Curtis, from Washington, write a regular letter to the paper. HSW gives details of WEC's career. Also 'we shall find little sympathy with President Cleveland's proclamation'. [presumably re. Cleveland to Congress on 17 Dec 1895, re. US Venezuela Boundary Dispute with Britain]
DARTFORD DETACHMENT OF 2nd VOLUNTEER BATTALION, Sgt. Inst. W Perryman, 421 donation for annual shooting prize.
DARTFORD FOOTBALL CLUB, HI Exeter 121 donation
DARTFORD MEMORIAL HALL FUND J Lawrence Mitchell 131, 473 donations
DARTFORD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH, Rev G Southall 345 donation to fund to purchase freehold of church
DARTFORD [unnamed] FUND FG Gill 140 donation
Thomas DIXON 401 instructed to place an advert for accommodation, near the British Museum, for Fred Power in the newspapers. [advert text also copied]
DOMEIER & Co, Albert Domeier 99, 156, 265, 300, 313, 316. re. Creosote Arbitration
G Norman DOUGLAS, St Petersburg 398 415. 398 Wanted details of Russian Libraries' manuscripts and books on use of animal substances in medicine dating 'back to the birth of the world'. 415 noted difficulties 'owing to the holiday season', referred to progress on same subject in China and Italy.
James DREDGE 99 re. a proposed meeting.
JJ DRYSDALE 149, 159, 187, 209, 297. 149-150 & 209 asked D to write a small pamphlet on KIRBY's life; 159 re. invitation to Lewisham Lodge; 187 & 297 unable to attend Lewisham & Bank of England Lodges respectively. [187 direct copy of faint cancelled copy on 186]
WA DUNKERLEY 205 turned down business proposition.

EASTES LODGE JL Kenneby 148 thanks for extract of minutes re. Kirby
EASTMAN PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALS Co 107, 180, 347, 469, 496. Routine settlement of account; 107 to reload HSW camera with 100 exposures film; 347 lengthy complaint re. poor service by staff and HSW's address not being updated leading to loss of parcels.
Walter J EBBETTS Freemason 218, 405. see Savage Lodge. 218 re. change of address; 405 Tuscan Chapter subscription.
ELKINGTON & Co 45, 48 re. payment & receipt for Stanley Shield & silver medallion.
EMULATION LODGE J Russell, Freemason 317, 344 HSW to act as steward, 344 condolences re. JR's accident.
EQUITABLE LIFE Co 336, 448, 481, 487. Payments re. policy [p. 481 No.350768]
JE Evans-JACKSON 358 [356 faint cancelled direct copy of letter] re. the registration of trade marks in Portugal - appears to be declining advice.

Ben J FAIRCHILD 112-113 HSW to delay his US trip till Dec, 'mother still lingering but liable to pass away at any time', still considered joint projects and 'pushing our goods in America' discussed merits of Taka-Diastase as a competitor to Malt Extracts, HSW stated preference for Fairchild animal diatase.
SW FAIRCHILD 213, 259, 260. 213 259 SF provided 'corn, wheat, pumpkins, squashes etc' for the American Society Thanksgiving Banquet. 260 HSW asks for details re. Humphrey B Chamberlin of Denver and New York.
J FARRIES 167 HSW signed Royal Geographic Membership certificate for Captain GL Langborne
Mrs Fellows 305 telegram - sympathy re. death of Mr Fellows
FENTON & SONS 419 enc. cheque
FIDELITY LODGE, George Low 174 payment of Kirby's account [see also Dr Lovett]
Dr Alfred Chune FLETCHER 122, 128. 122 Payment for services, 128 23 Sep re. Counsels opinion 'which will come up for consultation on Wednesday' [2 copies of same letter on p. 128 cancelled letter is a faint but direct copy of the 128 letter]
JE FORD, National Club, London 288 re. Dr Donaldson Smith, explorer, talk at royal Geographic Society. Copied to Chamberlain, New York Sun; Harold Frederic 288; Frank Higgins, The London American, Herbert J Moore, Associated Press; Bullard Smith New York World; Horace Townsend, New York Herald; Arthur Warren;
Mrs FOTHERGILL 491-492 [ms letter, faded in parts] reply to letter, assured F that BW&Co products were not inferior - made 'by a staff which is today superior in qualifications and skill'.
ASB FOULERTON 444 re. difficulty of meeting.
Thos. FOWLE 126 HSW supported Fowle's dismissal by Sudlow. Also re. business practice 'We always give kindly answer to references - we never give testimonials'.
Colonel Francis W FUGONT 311 donation to fund for Col. Mitchell
H Booth FULLER 233, 237, 249. re. loan of 'Washington Picture ' for American Society dinner.
WG FURNIVAL 130 regretted that he was unable to guarantee a loan for WGF.

Mr C GAILLARD 488 enc. cheque for shoes.
Dr R GARNET, British Museum 293 HSW introduced Dr Brown, researching 'ancient medicine'
GENERAL POST OFFICE 458, 462. re. loss of $5 money order.
DC GENTSCH, Washington 341 HSW enc. details re. studying at Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital [Moorfields] and the Royal Ear Hospital, Frith Street.
Richard GOWING 303, 308. 303 addressed as 'Friar Secretary' of 'Whitefriars Club' and refers to 'Friar Henry Frith' - Freemason?; 308 subscription for annual dinner.
GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY, Henley 190, 202. queried invoice, settled account.
James GREENLESS 199, 299 re. John Dixon 'fellow Article' [Club Member] and payment re. same.
A GRESHOFF, Hague 26 notes Sheldon's death, sends Tabloid Tea.

Dudley HARDY 481 payment for a sketch for the firm.
Dr John HAROLD 309 HSW thanks for criticisms of the ABC Diary; describes proof process and difficulties encountered, also re. idea for an extended Therapeutica.
Dr Ernest HART 108 reorganise meeting.
John & WB HARVEY, Shipbuilders, Littlehampton 17, 176, 210, 226, 357, 461, 468, 470, 471 482. Payment for maintenance work e.g. scraping bottom of boat[s]; HSW's canoe; referral of nailmaker [Stone] also model for new boat, weight bearing planks to be used and Pelham's modifications. [NB 356 is a faint, cancelled, direct copy of 357]
Colonel SE HASKIN 124b see Myers, HSW instructs Haskin to contact his solicitor Mr Rutland.
Miss Ada HEATHER-BIGG 182 [177 cancelled, 182 an extended version of the same letter]. 'I beg to assure you of my entire sympathy with any and all movements which have for their purpose the breaking down of prejudices which so largely prevail against the employment of women in the professions, in business, and in other fields of labour for which they may qualify themselves, providing always that these movements are non-political and do not foster discontent.' Enc. a contribution to the Fund, 'on the express condition that my name is not published in connection with it in any way'.
H HELBING 169 re. SMB Memorial fund, HSW wished to cast his vote with the majority of subscribers, stated 'both of the proposed forms of Memorial are excellent'
Dr HR HENLEY, Devon 125 thanks for information re. the 'figure head'.
Alex HENRY 417 re. loan of eagle to American Society Dinner
James HITCHCOCK, Chicago 110 HSW unable to source '6 bottles of concentrated Extract Royal Orris Violet' as the name was not recognised by his contacts in Monaco.
Dr F[red] HOFFMAN New York [but based in Germany], 32, 435-437, 438, 479. 32 re. death of SMB, continuation of advertising in 'Pharmaceutische Rundschau'. 32 & 438 refer to Power inc. at the new Research Laboratories; 435-437 & 438 close typed letter, HSW wished to employ FH as historical researcher in Germany and Austria re. 'the employment of animal substances...amongst all peoples whether savage or civilised, ..for given maladies' urges 'absolute secrecy', wished to publish an illustrated 500pg volume, enc. draft notes; 479 memo to FH & Thompson, HSW wanted additional details of signs related to the human body, e.g. animals associated with parts of the body.
HOLBORN RESTAURANT, Alfred Allen 74, 124, 230, 438 Payment of HSW's bills
AA HOLLANDER 319 re. White Silica experiments
Walter HOOD 95, 154, 211. HSW returned WH's references. Hood applied for a job with HSW, HSW changed his mind, Hood complained and HSW paid Hood a gratuity for loss of time - see also 212.
Dr F HORTON 1, 281. 1 re. meeting; 281 re. letter enclosing copy of 'the Price Current issued by Signor Luigi D'Emilio of Naples'.
R HOVENDEN 133, 144, 152, 195, 244, 329. re. Carlyle House, also 152 re. Dr Garnett editing a history of the house.
JG HOWE 359, 370, 374. All re. money owed to HSW; 359 & 370 complaints re. lack of explanation, 374 receipt for money.
J HUSTLER, Nottingham 319 re. JH's illness, HSW sent Dr Chune Fletcher to see JH.
JC HYDE 415a gave notice for quitting 22 Ryder St Rooms in Jul 1896 [2 copies inserted]

IMPERIAL INSTITUTE, Secretary, 416. Annual subscription [see Vine] Harold IMRAY, Freemason 338, 413. RMIB donation.
INGLE 422, 426, 432. Ordered 6 [eventually 130] copies of photographic portrait of Fred POWER, required urgently Jul 1896.

W JAHNEKE 136 acknowledged return of 'curios and coins' which had been lacquered by WJ.
JAPAN SOCIETY 240, 248, 431a. subscription, also donation re. earthquake and tidal wave.
AJ Mounteney JEPHSON 382, 463. 382 Advice re. career of Harold Makepeace - advised to work and study for 2 years in a pharmacist's shop and then apply to a chemical works such as at Dartford, emphasised need for a generalised training before specialising. 463 [ms, very faded in parts] re. request for Lord Salisbury to attend American Society Thanksgiving Dinner, Jephson to act as intermediary.
Elias JESSURUN, Freemason 233, 302, 395, 413 re. Columbia Lodge.
AW JOHN, 37 re. joint trip on the Campania and hoped to see John in London in 1897.
JOHNS SON & WATTS 442 sent photographs of Fre. Power for '150 plush souvenirs'
JONES, Philadelphia 200 re. death of his brother Edwin C Jones a friend from HSW's time at Philadelphia College
T JONES & Co, St James Street, 456 enc. cheque

KEITH, PROWSE & Co 405, 484. enc. cheques for bills
J Scott KELTE 184 donation to Joseph Thomas Memorial Fund.
CF KEMP, FORD & Co 246 re. copy of annual accounts, see also MS&Co 247.
George KENNING 185 payment 'History of St Marks Lodge', Freemason, see Simmonds
G Harold KENT 91, 92. HSW provided 'Soda Mint Tabloids' to a [non BW&Co] employees' annual outing in which the food was provided by members of the 'Article Club' - different brand companies ('Colmans' Mustard, Wills' Cigarettes, Greenlees Whisky' etc.) Some amusing 'sales talk' by HSW: 'Shall I tell you how many millions of epicures have found these 'Tabloids' a fair way to happy digestion, and a means of saving themselves many a sleepless night and of making their lives worth living?'
WH KIRBY 155 announcement of Kirby's death to undisclosed recipients.
Mrs KIRBY 220, 261 HSW returned Kirby's papers also 220 encouraged Mrs Kirby to move house.
WE KREWSON, Philadelphia Alumni 123, 252 re. obituary of SMB, and 2 copies of the Memorial Resolutions passed by the Committee, one copy passed to Mrs SMB.

HT LAMB 120, 193, 207, 273, 327, 335, 337, 369, 385, 414. re. metal work carried out for the COLUMBIA LODGE [p.335] e.g. Past Master's Jewel 'Fidelity' & 'Columbia', Laurel Leaves, 'Royal Arms'. [N.B. 368 faint but direct copy of 369]
Harold L LANE 97 HSW accepts the position Vice President, Medical, Surgical and Hygienic Exhibitors Association 'I am obliged, however, to say that I do not approve of all the programme which has been set forth by the Association'
John A Lorin LATHROP US Consul, Bristol 417, 461. John Cabot Memorial approach to the American Society for funds.
WN LAWRENCE 340 HSW asks a favour - that Lawrence pass a 'Silver Hypodermic pocket Case' to Fairchilds in New York.
Miss Merton LEAKE Phoenix Mills, 361, 365, 388, 449, 452, 462. 361 & 388 confidential enquiry re. Mr Parker [see Searl & Boylan]; 388, 449, 462 re. 'Girls Wellcome Club' and Men's Club, the evening classes and activities provided, thanked ML, and Mr Hill, for their involvement with the Club, 452 HSW to pay for a singing teacher for the 'girls'; 452-453 ms letter re. ML's response re. 'Mr D' [NB half page of 452 has faint imprint of 453]
Edgar LEE 235, 336. re. Ashanti Campaign.
LEE & PEMBERTON 67 enc. a cheque to complete the purchase of Carlyle House.
Edw. LETCHWORTH, Freemason 111 subscription for 'Masonic Records 1719-1894' by John Lane.
Charles LEWIS Freemason, 225 re. Kirby Lodge
Eugene H LEWIS New York 145, 183, 269 re. American Society, also Wade.
LEWISHAM LODGE, E Hall 187. Apologies, unable to attend meeting. [direct copy of faint cancelled copy on 186]
EF LINSTEAD, Pharmaceutical Era 55, 70. Interview re. SMB - HSW considered the notice in 'British & Colonial Druggist' one of the best, ordered copies of PE notice for staff distribution.
Mrs LIVINGSTONE, St Albans 27 HSW requested loan of L's Medicine Chests for an exhibition.
Ernst LOEWE, Berlin 267, 282, 349 re. meeting to arrange labels and packaging for goods, 349 thanks for EL's art portfolio
LONDON AMERICAN, Frank Higgins 493 497. 493 ordered copy of portrait of the American Ambassador TF Bayard; 497 ordered copies of JL Taylor [?] and Walter Earle [Secretary, American Society]
AE LONG Freemason, 357 re. vote.
LOTUS CLUB Colonel Knox, 266, 301. 266 letter of introduction to Frank Lambert, a song composer visiting New York, copied to Col Finlay Anderson, C Harrington and Hon. W Elroy Curtis. 301 payment of account
Dr SR LOVETT, Freemason 189, 216. re. Fidelity Lodge business.
George H LUMSDEN 256, 320, 330, 334 re. Carlyle House.
LUDINGTON CIGARETTE MACHINE Co., WE Pinder 441 acknowledged receipt of dividend.
W LUND & Co 306 payment for polishing HSW's tortoiseshell cigarette case.
Dr LUTARD, Paris 355 Thanks for present

Dr MACALISTER 104 HSW tried to change the site of the BW stand at the International Congress of Laryngologists & Rhinologists, London.
Dr J MACINTYRE, Glasgow 290 re. new formula for Menthol Lozenges.
James MCLEAN 392 payment of bill.
JM MCLEOD Freemason, 399 subscription to scholarship fund.
Bedford MACNEIL, 141, 368. 141 enc. cancelled promisory note, 'Mr Cook has just written me saying that he understands Hector [BM's brother?] is on his way home and is very near England at the present time. I hope this is not correct for it is contrary to his bound and faithful pledge'; 368 returned letter from Dr Fletcher.
J MACVEAGH 127, 131, 145, 164. Payment of account. 145 & 164 demanded receipt of payment made in 131.
JA MCWEENEY, London Baseball Association 379 subscription to Association.
Dr MACHIAVELLO 240. Thanks for photographs.
Mrs JM MAKEPEACE 400 advised her son to gain advice for an apprenticeship from a local pharmacist.
MALONEY 456 re. death of his brother Dr JA Maloney who worked with Captain Stairs and Surgeon Major Parke in Africa.
MANN & TAYLOR 490 HSW witness for Mr Jessurun's case, re. trade mark misuse: Gordon & Dilworths' 'Tomato Catsup'
Mr MAPLESON 488 ordered copy of the music for the 'American air' 'My Country, 'tis of thee'
MARKBY STEWART & Co., 57 Coleman Street, London EC. 5, 6, 23, 25, 39, 40, 42, 46, 50, 52, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68, 72-73, 74, 80, 81, 86, 95, 96, 100, 104, 123a, 124c, 139, 146-147, 165, 173, 208, 214, 217, 241, 243, 244, 245, 247, 251, 253, 285, 294, 308, 313, 315, 322, 324, 327, 332, 377, 394 Also Charles Stewart of MS&Co 372
All refer to the settling of SMB's estate by his Executors - MS&Co acted on behalf of HSW. Messrs Nicholls & Humphreys acted on behalf of SMB's estate.
* MS&Co GENERAL: 6 MS&Co awaited copy of [SMB's] will before proceeding, Mr Kirby to meet MS&Co to explain SMB's papers held by MS&Co, Humphreys pursuing HSW rather than MS&Co, HSW passed Nicholls corresp to MS&Co; 25 2 x Nicholls letters; 39 HSW made parcels available for bequests, SMB will; 104 also forwards a 10/- postal order re. 'Mr Burroughs Private Library' , money owed to SMB at his death in outstanding fines for late returns of books by staff; 139 draft affidavit; 243 comments re. 2nd proof of Defence and Counter Claim against SMB Executors; 251 copies of corresp being made; 285, handed back affidavit; 294 re. Patent office requiring details of Partnership Agreement; 324 asked for more detail re. accounts; 327 requested original copy of SMB's letter 28 Dec 1894; 332 re. Arbitration wants to have amounts due to be paid clarified; 372 thanks for manner in which executors were being handled; 377 confirmed Life Insurance policy 42665; 245, 315 forwarded documents; 394 received Counsels opinion; 104, 308 & 313 enc. draft letters to Humphreys;
* HAND OVER OF PERSONAL EFFECTS AND BUSINESS PAPERS, mostly forwarded to MS&Co for handing over: 39 personal items to be passed to Mrs SMB or to MS&Co; 40 ; 65 Clark letters [66 copy of same]; 173 2 Equitable Life Assurance Policies for SMB located in Kirby's desk; 208 SMB letter re. shares in Lothammer Gas Manufacturing Co;
* VALUATION OF BW&Co: 5 enc. Messrs Kemp Ford & Co's report; 46 Firm's Balance Sheet (annual accounts) not found; 63 HSW concern that copies of the BS remained with Messrs Haslucks & Messrs Kemp, Ford & Co.; 66 Hazlucks required access to see leases of properties; 72-73 surveyors valuation; 95 cancelled copy of 96 - forwarded statement of accounts prepared by Kemp Ford & Co; 165 re. accounts; 244 notes that the 'Sailing Barge 'Mary Emily' belonging to the firm' was registered as SMB's and this needs to be changed; 247 copy of accounts 'which show an increase of 22.14% over the net profit of the previous year'; 253 re. accounts
* SMB's MISSING GOLD WATCH: 40 gold watch not with Kirby; 46; 68;
* PHOENIX MILLS, DARTFORD DEED mainly HSW requesting deed: 50 safe deposit box for Dartford deed - 1 key held by SMB's solicitors and 1 by HSW's, required both keys to be opened, deed to be moved to the firm's safe at Snow Hill; 64 key to the Dartford title deed box not passed to HSW; 66; 68; 86 cover letter - enc. the statement for Counsel re. PM deed; 72-73 MS&Co neglect in failing to secure deed key; 95 deed - a weir was being built that could encroach on BW rights; 139; 146-147 7 Oct. 'Deed of Phoenix Mills which has not only its face value, but together with improvements represents (as per last balance sheet) an asset in the Firm's books of £19816.5.8 and the plant and fixtures on the premises show £9230.1.8 making a total of £29046.7.4.' still wants the deed handed over;
* STAFF LIST 100 HSW concerned about wider implications re. Humphreys request for a certified list of staff at SMB's death, sends a list of those who were 'receiving payment for services from the firm' 124c sends list of staff on paysheet; 208 list of staff, states that the individual salaries are irrelevant to the bequest declines to give this; 214 further to staff list, listed the following: John Barry Harris Snow Hill, S Wilton Marshall New York, Mrs Summers (Housekeeper), Beaver (Painter) Lloyd (labourer) Todd (labourer).;
HSW PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE TO SMB'S EXECUTORS on account 'without prejudice': 42 cheques from SMB's Drawing a/c to be passed to Mrs SMB; 52 £???? as auditors were slow at inspecting books and HSW wanted to avoid undue interest (52A a pasted in copy of 52 which is faint type); 74 £6000; 80 late receipt of the £6000 payment [81 blurred copy of same]; 123a £11,000; 146-147 SMB's Estate 'cannot be closed for 3 years' and that if HSW paid by instalments rather than in one lump sum at the beginning of the term the executors would make 5% in interest rather than the bank rate, also complained that SMB's executors 'persistently endeavoured to get the business turned into a Joint Stock Company in which the Executors participate';217 £5000; 241 £5000; 322 £6552.1s.11d;

GB MARSHALL 268 introduced to HSW by CW Armitage
J MARTIN 13, 15 13 re. Narissa, 15 HSW refused proposal re. B&W becoming a stock company. [14 faded duplicate of 15]
Mrs CJ MARTIN, San Jose, LA 392 enc. copy of Metlakahtla.
EL MARTINEZ, Tangier 227 sympathy re. wife's death.
CF MATIER, Freemason, Mark Mason's Hall, 406, 418, 453. Enc.cheques
CB MILLER 261 re. supplies of Cartbagena Bark.
Frederick MOCKLER, Gloucester 124d returned loaned items.
A MOORE, Estate Agent 179, 433 settled account
John MOSS [& Co], Galen Works, Wilson Street, London SE. 167, 210, 223, 227, 231, 293, 299b. All re. CREOSOTE ARBITRATION, except 227 HSW's payment of 100 guineas to SMB's Memorial Fund.
Kerrie B MURRAY 18, 316, 394, 410, 420. Subscription to London Chamber of Commerce & events
MURRAY & Co 296 HSW denied poaching re. appointment at BW&Co of Luke Finn, 'I have always made it an inflexible rule never to persuade or induce employees to leave any firm to come to us'
Dr Wm MURRELL 397 re. Messrs Saxon & Co.
Daniel MYERS, Benton Myers & Co, Cleveland USA 84, 119, 391. 84 re. money owed to SMB by Colonel Haskin, [a freemason] endorsed by Myers [also a freemason]. Due to SMB's death HSW took over the loan from SMB's executors and extended it, HSW requested payment by 15 Jul 1895. Also referred to Metlakahtla, Freemasonry, and a recent cruise with JH Turner 'Prime Minister of British Columbia'. 119, 27 Jul 1895 Haskin had not repaid the loan. 391, 6 May 1896 Haskin paid off the loan, but only after the intervention of solicitors.

NATIONAL DEPOSIT FRIENDLY SOCIETY, FR Smith 351 declined position as Vice President of the London division due to lack of time.
NATIONAL PRESS INTELLIGENCE Co New York 234 extended press cuttings to inc. 'Burroughs Wellcome & Co.'
F Tennyson NEELY, New York 18 Thanks for copy of 'Father Stafford' by Anthony Hope
NEWSPAPER EXTRACT & SPECIAL INFORMATION Co. 89 HSW asked why they were sending cuttings when he had no contract with them
NIAGARA CLUB, London 280 subscription.
HS NICHOLS & Co 103 ordered copy of 'The Probatim' by Prof. P Jones, Trieste.
WH NICHOLS, Manager City Bank 21, 22, 24, 43, 352, 371 21 re. advances applied for by Mrs Burroughs, HSW referred matter to solicitors - MS&Co, Humphreys SMB sols; 22 ms cover note to 21; 24 same; 43 re. SMB sealed parcel (marked 'Shares') and case to be delivered to the Executrix; 352, additional donation to WHN's 'List' for Guy's Hospital; 371 377 re. Sun Life Insurance policy 42665;
NORTH LONDON RIFLE CLUB, Mr Burton 18, 378 subscriptions,

OCEAN ACCIDENT & GUARANTEE CORPORATION 404, 409, 447. Cheques re. Insurance Policies 65311, 117372. 447 HSW 'out of town'.
JC ODGERS 78 re. value of 'Land Trust' shares, also refers to Mrs Fryer.
EH ORMSBY 83 donation to unnamed fund.

A PAIGE 1a, re. McNeill bank notes are donated to the 'Savage Club Lodge Benevolent Fund', A McNeill being a founder and Secretary of that Freemason Lodge. [ctd from LB2]
PALLMALL GAZETTE 298 re. possibility of W Elroy Curtis writing for a London paper.
JT PATTERSON [pharmacist?] 54 re. provision of Kepler Malt Extract, also reference to 'Argon'.
LA PEARCE, Freemason 450 re. vote for candidature.
GE PEARSON 198, 480 [195 cancelled letter faint but direct copy of 198] re. possible candidate for BW Travelling Representative position. 480 tickets for Chemists' Assistants' Association
Captain Charles PELHAM 77, 178, 189, 204, 215, 224, 334, 399a, 442, 454, 455, 457, 466 467, 472, 482. Mostly re. proposals for new boat, inc. a model of it, payment re. same, wood and cork samples; Also 189 re. figureheads, congratulations for pending marriage, 204 collecting 'any figureheads and bits of wreck' for HSW; 215 details of books on collecting china; 334 telegram; 442 refurbishment of an old model boat, proposes dropping 'Centre Keel Patents', present of tabloid tea, 455 thanks for suggestions re. medicine case; 457 request to collect old model boats - with labelling instructions; 466 questioned charges from Mr BLAKE; 472 copy details of test for wood breaking weight. See Capitol & Counties Bank 496 re. payment.
CS PEMBERTON 257 re. Carlyle House
E PENNOCK Freemason, 230, 360, 373, 451. all re. RMIB candidature vote.
PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY GREAT BRITAIN (204 & 480 John C Umney 383 Richard Bremridge) 204, 212 383. 204 Cricket Club; 212 Ball Committee; 383 & 480 annual dinner;
George PHILLIPS 222 re. Messrs Saxon & Co
Miss Sarah PLUMB 434 re. possible reference from HSW.
PLYMOUTH, DEVONPORT, STONEHOUSE & DISTRICT CHEMISTS ASSOCIATION, James Cook 458 HSW thanked association for being elected honorary member,
Dr Wyndham POWELL 447 enc. cheque
Dr Fred P POWER Hudson, New York, 33, 333, 373, 384.
33 Sympathy for FP's loss [wife's death] and suggests a visit to England; 333 wants FP to get details whilst still in US of latest techniques re: Drying Rooms - for Dartford - cork cutting machines, Dr Ganese's suppository process, & process for small size of Tablet Triturates; 373 HSW possible 'hasty' trip to US; 384 no date for trip, details re. the revision of Medical Diary, asks for comments re. a copy of the diary, idea for a Therapeutica, also a Chemist's Diary;
Julian N PRICE 30, 48. [29 a blurred copy of 30] re. loan of JP's Medicine Chest for exhibit at the International Medical Congress.
Henry PRITCHARD, Messrs Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co., 80, 216, 227, 277, 299. payment for Gavel Club subscriptions and dinner; also 277 thanks for 'Handley Cross' a book received from HP. Also 216 order for embossing HSW personal letter paper '11 St James' Place'.
Dr A PROCKLER 408, 412. enc. 'Forced March' form of assignment for Dr AP and Dr Pearse, also refers to 'Antidipsomania Tabloid'; 412 re. signing of form, also thanks for 'Bromides and Hypophosphites' formula.
Miss PUGH, Esplanade Hotel, Southsea 402 HSW complaint about delay of post from the hotel.

'QUEEN', Travel Editor 76 re. possible 'Photographic Tabloids' advertisements.

RATSEYS & LAPTHORN 179 settled account
REDFERN & Co 172 payment re. yacht.
Felix REGAMUEY, Paris Figaro 16 HSW requests referral to a French design house for labels and packaging - English treatment 'too laboured'.
Mrs (Greenhithe) ROBERTS 367 HSW unable to assist with enquiry.
Arliss ROBINSON 154. Refers him to SMB executors.
Major General HG ROBLEY 15, 105, 136. 15 refused offer to sell the company; 105 re. Maori photographs & South Sea relics; 136 re. Cook's relics.
Hon Bernard ROLLO, Dunning 170, 275. 170 re. Kirby's death, also re. possible business in America. 275 thanks for turkey.
The Hon JR ROOSEVELT 250, 477. American Society Thanksgiving dinners, inc. who to invite.
H Ling ROTH 425 ordered copy of 'The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo'
ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 106, 421 membership subscription [106 also a cancelled copy of an identical letter; 421 addressed to EL Cocks ]
ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB 325 subscription
PJ RUTLAND, HSW's London Solicitor 124a, 191, 203, 206, 219, 315, 328, 329, 332. 124a, 191 forwarded letters from Haskin re. debt [see MYERS]; 204 HSW paid bill; 332 mentions Haskin cheque; 206 219 re. KIRBY; 315 332 re. copy of Messrs Humphreys letters; 328 329 re. debt owed by Toone a fellow freemason.
John B RYCKMAN 224 re. printing of 'American-European Newsletter'

EJ SACKS 390 thanked for note re. 'country breathing places' enc. complimentary pocket medicine case.
A Gordon SALAMON 1, 12, 114. re. specimens of Taka-Koji and Takamine Diastase; Dr Hansen; also HSW procured specimens for GS; 114 HSW declined to purchase disinfectant from GS it 'would really be a side show for me to take up at the present time and I had better stick to the strictly medicinal line of chemical and pharmaceutical work'.
Dr AG SANDBERG Freemason 181, 395 re. Columbia Lodge
SAVAGE CLUB, Denny, 6 Adelphi Terrace,101, 325, 381. 101 American banners for July 5th 'House Dinner', 325, subscription; 381 ticket to Annual Dinner; Also 429 Sam Turner enc. cheque.
SAVAGE CLUB MARK LODGE of which HSW was a member [see also Chapman, Ebbetts and Lamb]
For the 'SCMBA' Savage Club Masonic Benevolent Institution see:
* 62 SCMBA subscription to WJ Fisher
* 253 WJ FISHER, Master Elect Savage Club Lodge, HSW accepted appointment as Senior Warden, 5 Dec 1895. Mr/Mrs Curt SCHULZ 221, 351, 431a. 221 re. American Society; 351 unable to attend a concert; 431settled account for 'professional services'.
Miss E Ruhaman SCIDMORE 28 SMB's death, ES's visit to London's International Geographic Congress
A SEARL 242, 262, 263, 272, 284, 293a, 389. 242 to Mrs Searl re. Mr Searl's illness. 262 re. staff education and entertainment all aimed at young male staff, supports AS's suggestion for staff Science classes and wishes to extend this for specialist departments - providing libraries of relevant texts within each department, entertainment - elocution, singing etc. ; 263 forwarded letter; prescription for AS to make up tabloids order for Mr Johnson; 284 Dartford Concert; 293A complaint re. Government Department Tabloid order, berates AS severely; 389 re. accident at Dartford that day, HSW asks AS to ensure that all steps re. medical care are taken to ensure employee's recovery; 362 cancelled letter re. Searle's experience of Mr Paker an employee at Dartford.
T SHEPHERD, Red Lion Hotel / Boathouse, Henley 175, 226, 427, 429. re. moving HSW's canoe to Harveys, payment of account, also room hire.
SHOOLBRED & Co, Tottenham Ct Rd 79, 181, 378, 440, 476. settled account for storing boxes in the warehouse, also requests box 156 from the warehouse, also request for advice re. insurance;
PL SIMMONDS Freemason, 13 purchases copy of 'History of the Mark Lodge'
Dr Donaldson SMITH, Explorer 289 re. talk at Royal Geographic Society on his recent trip to North Somaliland, Central Africa. see also p.288
Rev Percy E SMITH 403 donation to the National School Fund
SOCIETY OF ARTS, H Truman Woods, Secretary 114 [Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufacture & Commerce] membership subscription
HG SOMERVILLE, the Court Circular 178, 215 fund for Mr AH Wall, and possible advertising.
SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY, Dover 350. Cryptic letter marked 'private', re. a package to be handed to the Queen's Messenger AJ Mounteney-Jephsen re. a Foreign Office matter.
SOUTH WALES MISSION, Joseph Roberts 83, 277 donation
SPIERS & POND Ltd, The Criterion Piccadilly 476 enc. cheque
Geo SPILLER 157, 422 HSW settled account.
WJ SPRATLING Freemason, 232, 389 [see Crane & Lamb] re. Columbia Lodge
Miss ER STEERS New York 4 re. Burroughs death
BF STEVENS 67, 71, 82, 98, 101, 118, 135, 159, 163, 242, 257, 272, 278, 318, 330, 364 [Benjamin Franklin Stevens (1833-1902) Historian; bookseller; U.S. Government Despatch Agent in London, see p.445 confirming his identity, see also p.90 Chairman of the American Society in London where HSW cites 'his great services to our country in enriching our historical archives'].
* Re. CARLYLE HOUSE: 67, 71, 98, 118, 135, 159, 163, 242, 257, 272, 331,
* Other subjects inc.: 82 an order of Tabloid medicine for US 'man-of-wars' berthed at Southampton, HSW asked BFS if he would be able to present the ships with a complimentary BW medicine case each; 101 HSW returned loaned items, photographs & books re. the US; 278 thanks for Christmas present of nuts, also discord in the US; re. American Society meeting and business; 330 returned copy of 'Anglo American Times'; 364 re. American Society meeting.
Josiah STONE & Co, Nailmaker Deptford 468, 497 referred by Harvey, aluminium nails.
JHL STOREY 138 stamps to the value of 1 shilling, thanks for the return of HSW's pocket book left in JHLS's cab. 272 very blurred, re. cheque for CH, also ' Regarding your prescription, we do not make pills in any form but will endeavour to have the formula made into 'Tabloids' [and] sugar coated.' HSW offers the tablets with his compliments.
TC STRATTON, Fellows & Co, USA 59-61, 239, 299a, 305, 399b. 56-58 an illegible copy of 99-6. 59-61 ms 'Private - for yourself & your directors only, Copy' re. SMB's death, the articles of partnership, the strong relationship with Fellows, also 'our progressive policy will remain the same and there will be no relaxation of zeal and energy - I regard our business as in its infancy'. 239 'Private' refuting rumours that BW to become a Joint Stock Company in the aftermath of SMB's death. 239, 299a re. meeting Stratton to discuss a project affecting the future of Fellows. 305 telegram - sympathy re. death of Mr Fellows. 399b congratulated Fellows successful settlement out of court re. Trade Marks.
Dr STRUGNELL 238 re. Sudlow's illness.
STRUTHERS & Co 419 enc. cheque.
RC SUDLOW 238 Sudlow ill, re. Freemason business.

TAGG & SONS 411, 469. 411 Inventory of items in canoe, asked for return of lost umbrella; 469 enc. cheque.
TH TANG, Ealing 132 re. Tea-broking business in London and various buyers he may approach.
TATTERSHALL & Co 369 asked for result of the sale of his horse.
Walter TAYLOR, Cardiff 343 [NB upside down in volume] HSW did not know of a suitable 'opening' [job] and advised WT to continue studying.
James TERRY, Freemason's Hall, 3 donation.
W THOMAS, Freemason 450 re. candidature vote [right edge of letter lost as bottom of page is frayed]
Mrs Jessie THOMSON 129 re. payment of account for JT's 'mourning apparel', if she verified the amount.
CJS THOMPSON 457, 479. 457 enc. reference for Thompson's application for a British Museum [Library] reader's ticket, also a list of libraries [that HSW wanted Thompson to carry out research at]; 479 also sent to/see Hoffman.
Raymond H THRUPP Freemason, 380, 386, 406 re. masonic business, 406 refers to Hiram Mark Lodge.
A TINDALL 201 re. visit to Paris
Dr JA TONNER 34 re. Brazil trip, SMB's death, referred to Knox & Mrs Sheldon.
WH TOONE 314, 321, 326 re. money owed, HSW required it to be paid asap 321 being a telegram 326 threatened to refer it to his solicitors [326, 2nd cancelled letter being copy of same] see RUTLAND, solicitor.
John H TUSSAUD, Madame Tussaud & Sons Ltd 286 HSW unable to assist with portrait of President Cleveland ['Are you proposing to place this figure in the Chamber of Horrors?' see also p.287
Thomas TYRER 428 re. failure to meet, also mentioned Society of Chemical Industry

J UNDERHILL, Dartford 17 Donation to Dartford 'Martyrs Memorial'
Mrs Bertham UPTON 498-500 [NB - VERY faint type]. re. the verses being provided for the American Thanksgiving Album, HSW wanted some of them re-worked, esp. 'Boston Tea Party', gave suggestions, 'difficulty re. 'Peter Styveson' in a verse, See also Florence Upton.
Miss Florence H UPTON 445-446, 478, 485-486, 489, 495. All re. commissioned black and white sketches 'appropriate for a small souvenir album of the Thanksgiving banquet of the American Society' gives details, and referred Upton to BF Stevens for information on the festival; 478 re. fee for work, asked for no less than 50 illustrations, Mrs Upton (mother) provided the text, HSW provided cover design; see also Allen & Caruthers.
Note: see the Wellcome Library for a copy of the publication:
'Thanksgiving Day banquet of the American Society in London : Hotel Cecil, London. November 26th, 1896'

FC VAN DUZER 248 refers VD to Drysdale as the 'best firm'
Peter VAN SCHAACK, New York 353 Advises PVS against setting up in business in England, cited poor business outlook.
Sir Somers VINE 399 HSW requested Vine propose him for membership of the 'Imperial Institute'

GBR WADE 270 re. HSW's loan of American Society Connecticut banner to Wade.
Senator WALCOTT 307 telegram congratulated Walcott [Edward O Wolcott?]
TA WALL 396 arranged exchange of dollars 'green-backs' on Wall's behalf.
TJ WALLAS, Brondesbury 342 re. supplying goods [for a pharmacy], but HSW refuses to give a loan.
Rowland WARD 273 re. white deer shot by HSW in Maine USA.
Miss Rebecca WARNER 441 payment and thanks for Warner's role in Stanley's recovery 'Peptonisation of foods'
Lt Col Godfrey WEBSTER 212 re. Walter Hood.
CC WELD, BW&Co Agent/Traveller c/o Offices Melbourne 295. Weld was on a tour, and was delayed whilst in Australia, in the interests of Australasian business on his way to India and possibly South Africa.
HS WELLCOME 103, 439. Johnson forwarded letters that required attention 103 also £5, to hotel at Henley; 439 letter from Col Taylor re. American Society, sent to Carlisle.
Fred H WELLCOME 7-11 ms, re. 'sad death of my partner...By my deed of partnership I became sole proprietor of this entire business on the death of my partner and on easy terms of payment all being clearly defined....Upon the moment of Mr B's death I have put the responsibility of all dealings with executor upon my lawyers so no mistakes could occur.....Notwithstanding the serious friction and strained relations which continued to the date of Mr B's mind went back to the happy period when he and I were bosom friends' FHW possible visit to London,
WHEELER & Co, 178a settled account
AJ WINDUS, Chicago 235, 285 HSW acknowledged cheque.
W Lloyd WILLIAMS, Phoenix Mills, 158, 354, 363. 158 re. Creosote Arbitration, 354 & 363 asked for a detailed appraisal of Mr Parker's work at Dartford.
AJH WILLS 166 re. 'Magnolia Anti-friction Metal'
AC WOOTON Chemist & Druggist 53, 312, 339. 53 re. meeting [interview?], 312 re. Fellows death; 339 re. Octavius Vaughan Morgan's death [C&D Principal]
Herbert WRIGHT, Parliament Street 108 subscription to 'Jealous Fund'. Prof R Ramsey WRIGHT 115 introduced to HSW by Prof Garner.
WRIGHT LAYMAN & UMNEY, Charles Umney, 156, 160, 164, 168, 264, 300, 312. re. CRESOSOTE ARBITRATION

Fred YATES 397 enc. cheque, also re. Mrs Sheldon.

ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY 45 membership subscription

The following were standard letters sent with wedding gifts - sometimes noted in pencil - probably to Dartford employees:-
Mrs BOWLER 460 'overmantel or Sideboard'
Mr CARDOZA 424 'Silver Teapot'
Mrs COLYER 408 [407 direct copy of 408] 'Electric Plate'
Mr SH CORWEN 460 'cutlery'
Mr George DAVIS 387 'clock'
Mr L FINN 465 'cutlery'
Mr TAO HEALE 386 'case cutlery'
Mrs HARLE 424 'Sideboard'
Mrs HILL 381 '½ doz. small, ½ doz. large knives'
Miss HUBBARD 431 [see also 423 cancelled letter] 'sideboard'
Mrs PEEL 459 'sideboard'
Mrs PRIOR 407 overmantel
Mr & Mrs REICHERT 459 'cabinet'
Mrs SAUNDERS 423 'sideboard'
Mrs W TIMMS 465 'Dinner service & cruet'
Miss Gertrude WEBB 487


Mar 1890 - Nov 1896

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