Clean eating : the dirty truth.

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To begin, Yeo cooks for celebrity cook Ella Mills, who changed to a clean eating diet after being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome. She recounts the events leading up to her deciding to change her diet. Clips of Instagram users following the #cleaneating trend are shown talking about how they use the site for guidance. Yeo makes Bone Broth from the gluten free, grain free cookbook Hemsley Hemsley: Good + Simple (2016), and visits Mohamed Aboughazala at Manna Dew Bakery. Yeo then visits Author Dr William Davis, who promotes a grain free diet in his book What Belly (2011). He describes his discoveries after putting his patients on a grain free, low-carbohydrate diet to lower their LDL cholesterol. Yeo and Davis visit a wheat farm and discuss the link between wheat and the rise in coeliac disease and other auto-immune diseases in the Western world. Next, Dr Alessio Fasano describes his work researching coeliac disease. He exhibits a selection of test mice that have been genetically engineered to digest gluten differently. Yeo explains the alkaline diet, laid out by Natasha Corrett in the cookbook Honestly Healthy: Cleanse (2015). He then visits Robert O. Young, author of The PH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health (2002), which promotes following an alkaline diet. Young explains his interpretation of the scientific theory pleomorphism, devised by 19th Century Scientist Antoine Bechamp. Yeo talks again to Mills, who talks about the resources she used to help her make a decision to change her diet. Yeo then visits Nutritional Biochemist Professor T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study (2005), which advocates a plant-based diet and claims that eating animal protein increases the likelihood of developing cancer. Yeo then revisits Young, who describes his cancer treatment programme at the PH Miracle Ranch. Yeo explains an investigation into Youngs business by The Medical Board of California in 2011. Yeo and Young talk about a patient with pancreatic cancer, Julia van der Haagen, who died whilst attending the healing programme at Youngs Miracle Ranch. Afzal Amin then talks about Naima Houder-Mohammed, who also attended the healing after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Yeo explains the details of lawsuits against Young, and that he has since been incarcerated for posing as a doctor and practicing pseudo-science.



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1 DVD (60 min.) : sound, colour ; 12 cm.

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BBC Studios.


Originally broadcast on 19th January 2017 on BBC 2.
Geneticist Dr Giles Yeo explores the new dietary movement zclean eatingy, inspired by social media campaigns for better nutrition. Yeo investigates claims that clean eating can improve your health, by experimenting with different recipe books, and interviewing figureheads of the clean eating industry.

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Produced and directed by Tristan Quinn.
Presented by Dr Giles Yeo.



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