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"Five risograph printed poster zines created as a collaboration with Wellcome Collection during MA studies. The theme given was 'contact' and these zines focus specifically on spiritual forms of contact, and ways in which different practices make contact with the other side."--


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"These are a set of 5 poster zines focusing closely on ways in which contact can be made within spiritual practices. In particular contacting the deceased. In many ways this can help people deal with grief and its effect on their mental health, by going to mediums you have an opportunity to contact the departed and say the things you did not get the chance to during their time on earth. Shamanism in particular helps people connect with nature and appreciate the plane we are existing in now. They are also healers who partake in centuries old practices to help those that come to them. The main aim of creating these zines was to bring awareness to other cultures & practices and their ways with helping those deal with grief and loss."--From zinester.



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