Masculinity lessons : rethinking men's and women's studies / edited by James V. Catano and Daniel A. Novak.

[2011], ©2011
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Baltimore : John Hopkins University Press, [2011], ©2011.

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viii, 370 pages ; 24 cm.


Introduction / James V. Catano and Daniel A. Novak -- Engaging the issue: masculinity and women's and gender studies -- Making masculinities: book reviews / Margaret O'Brien -- Reflection on "male bashing" / Sue L. Cataldi -- Feminist intentions: race, gender, and power in a high school classroom / Sharon Bernstein -- The biology and philosophy of race and sex: a course / Diane Suter and David Schweickart -- Gender and masculinity texts: consensus and concerns for feminist classrooms / Judith Kegan Gardiner -- Student responsiveness to women's and gender studies classes: the importance of initial student attitudes and classroom relationships / Jayne E. Stake, Jeanne Sevelius, and Sarah Hanly -- Embodying masculinity: science and society -- Reading transgender, rethinking women's studies / Cressida J. Heyes -- Biological behavior? Hormones, psychology, and sex / Celia Roberts -- Do boys have to be boys? Gender, narrativity, and the John/Joan case / Bernice L. Hausman -- Reading Sex and temperament in Taiwan: Margaret Mead and postwar Taiwanese feminism / Doris T. Chang -- Performing social expectations: the domestic scene -- "His wife seized his prize and cut it to size": folk and popular commentary on Lorena Bobbitt / Linda Pershing -- Representing domestic violence: ambivalence and difference in What's love got to do with it / Diane Shoos -- "Non-combatant's shell-shock": trauma and gender in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is in the night / Tiffany Joseph -- Microcredit, men, and masculinity / Fauzia Erfan Ahmed -- Performing social expectations: the public stage -- The hillbilly defense: culturally mediating U.S. terror at home and abroad / Carol Mason -- The sexual politics of Abu Ghraib: hegemony, spectacle, and the Global War on Terror / Mary Ann Teʹtreault -- Uncle Sam wants you to trade, invest, and shop! Relocating the battlefield in the gendered discourses of the pre- and early post-9/11 period / Stacey L. Mayhall.

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