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Annual report for the year 1926-27 : 29th year of issue adopted by the Board on 23 July, 1927 / Metropolitan Asylums Board.

  • Morris, Francis.
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Annual report. 1926-27.


London : Printed by Harrison and Sons, 1927.

Physical description

421 pages, 28 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations, plans ; 25 cm


Consists of a summary of the constitution, duties, details of work, organisation and members of the Board, a general review of the year (Francis Morris, Allan Powell), report on the ambulance service, report of the Training Ship Exmouth, a financial statement, statistical tables, medical report,infectious diseases section, mental diseases section, tuberculosis section (including a report on St. Luke's Hospital, Lowestoft), sick children section, dental treatment section
Published in both hardback and paperback formats
Copy 1 Note: Hardback copy.
Copy 3 Note: Paper bound copy

Bibliographic information

Includes bibliographic references


Partial contents: Smallpox / A. F. Cameron.-- Observations relating to certain of the statistical tables / F. H. Thomson.-- The work of St. Margaret's Hospital / Doris M. Howard.-- Report on the ocular signs and symptoms of ninety-nine children suffering from post encephalitis lethergica / T. H. Whittington.-- Report on the laboratory work and preparation of diphtheria antitoxin carried out at the antitoxin establishment (Belmont Laboratories) during the year 1926 / R. G. White.-- Report on the research and pathological services of the Metropolitan Asylums Board during the year ending 31 March 1927 / J. E. McCartney.-- Some observations on the after-effects of encephalitis lethargica in children / G. A. Borthwick.-- A review of recent work on measles / J. E. McCartney.-- Serological classification of scarletinal streptococci and clinical types of scarlet fever. An attempt at correlation / William Gunn.-- Some further observations on the Schutz-Charlton reaction / J. C. Blake.-- Intubation in laryngeal diphtheria / J. H. Whitaker.-- A short survey of the diphtheria prevention work in Edinburgh / Alexander Joe.-- Prophylaxis of scarletinal nephritis by means of alkalies / H. Carter.--Three years of diphtheria preventive work on the training ship "Exmouth" / W. H. Kelleher.-- A note on measles in early infancy / G. W. Ronaldson.-- The use of the carbon arc in infectious fever practice / J. V. Armstrong.-- An investigation into the apparent rate of disappearance of diphtheria bacilli after an attack of the disease, and the carrier problem / F. H. Thomson, Elsie J. Mann, J. E. McCartney, William C. Harvey.-- A new tracheotomy tube / A. Cubley.-- A fatal case of bullous and gangrenous varicella / E. Gordon.-- Two cases of acute malignant pemphigus / G. W. Ronaldson.-- Unusual complications of serum sickness / C. I. Wright.-- Two unusual cases of puerperal suppuration: abscesses in the region of the psoas / G. E. Breen.-- A case of ulcerative colitis with perforation of transverse colon / D. J. Hishon.-- "Scarletinal" septicaemia / W. A. Brown.-- A severe case of encephalitis lethargica / F. W. Kemp.-- A case of scarlet fever with acute nephritis from the commencement of the disease / W. H. Dickinson Priest.-- A case of severe diphtheria complicated by perforating duodenal ulcer / A. O'Doherty.-- Observations on certain of the foregoing tables / E. B. Sherlock.-- On the prognosis in mental deficiency / E. B. Sherlock.-- The incidence of congenital syphilis in mental deficiency / J. Leslie Gordon.-- A note on the presence of endarteritis obliterans in the brain of a mongolian imbecile / R.M. Stewart.-- A case of infantile hemiplegia / T. Brushfield, W. Wyatt.-- Photographic records at the Fountain Mental Hospital / T. Brushfield.-- Bony abnormality associated associated with mental defect / Norman Kerr.-- Decroly educational methods / Rose Munday.-- Observations on the statistics for pulmonary tuberculosis / James Watt.-- The moustache in cases of tuberculous laryngitis / Marcus Paterson.-- Co-relation of calcium metabolism, parathyroid function and pulmonary tuberculosis / Philip Ellman.-- The after-history of sanatorium-treated patients / C. O. S. Blyth Brooke.-- Tuberculosis and the eating of fat / Douglas Porter.-- Report for the year 1926 on the skin and ringworm departments, Goldie Leigh Homes, Abbey Wood, S.E. / J. M. H. MacLeod.-- Report on the preliminary periodical inspections at the Central London District School during 1926 / F. A. C. Tyrell.-- Ichthyosis bullosa / J. M. H. MacLeod.-- Orthopaedics at a country children's hospital / W. T. Gordon Pugh.-- An outbreak of paratyphoid fever / H. O. West.-- Observations on the end-results and complications of acute infective osteitis (Osteomyelitis) / J. K. Haworth.-- Rheumatism in childhood / F.J. Benjamin.-- Observations on the blood calcium of children / Elisabeth Haworth, N. Gray Hill.-- Note on the use of the ultra-violet lamp in the detection of ringworm / W.T. Gordon Pugh.-- A case of neuritis due to impacted third molar / B. Micklethwait.-- The gingivitis of imbecile children / S. E. Pomeroy.



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