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Painting by Cayley Robinson

Frederic Cayley Robinson


Free to use with attribution CC BYCredit: Wellcome Collection
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The painting shows representatives of the civilian population in a courtyard outside the hospital. They include a mother nursing a baby, children, and mature people including a man resembling Cayley Robinson himself (the scholar wearing a brown cloak, left). The traditional architecture provides an aged man with a ledge to take the weight off his legs. On the right a woman requests help for her young daughter from a doctor at the entrance to the hospital. In the centre a dead tree with a snake in its branches bears a pessimistic message for human beings as the descendants of Adam and Eve: "Dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return". On the left, a comet passes through the sky over a terrace of Fitzrovia townhouses (the terrace continuing from the previous painting in the pair)


Cayley - Robinson 1916. Painted on back of canvas, presumably by F. Cayley Robinson: ""The doctor". F. Cayley Robinson, 1 Lansdowne House, [ditto mark to mean Lansdowne] Road, W."


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License information

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Painting by Cayley Robinson. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

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