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Nicotine Addiction

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Paton, Sir William Drummond Macdonald (1917-1993), Pharmacologist
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The file, with index to front paper-wrap, contains the following papers germane to the work of the Committee: letter from A K Armitage, Consultant in Product Safety Evaluation (1989); Chapter 1, 'Nicotine Addiction: A Report of the Surgeon General' (1988, photocopy); David Warburton, "Is nicotine use an addiction?" (1989, ts, pre-publication); Paton, "Nicotine: its phamacology, acute and chronic, and its assessment" (1978, ts, Independent Scientific Committee on Smoking and Health); Paton, "Is the action of nicotine involved in the tobacco habit central or peripheral[?]" (1974, ts); Cheshire, Kellett and Willey, "Effects of nicotine and arousal on the monkey electroencephalogram" (1972, photocopy); 'Paper by Ashton, Stepney and Thompson on Self-titration by cigarette smokers' (1979, photocopy); Friedman, Horvath and Meares, "Tobacco smoking and a 'stimulus barrier'" (1974, photocopy); Hall, Rappaport, Hopkins and Griffin, "Tobacco and evoked potential" (1973, photocopy); Flood, et al, "Memory: modification of anisomycin-induced amnesia" (1978, photocopy); Thompson and Forbes, letter to 'BMJ', "Do people smoke for nicotine?" (1978, photocopy); Stepney, letter to 'BMJ', "Do people smoke for nicotine?" (1978, photocopy); 'BMJ', "Do people smoke for nicotine?" (1977, photocopy); Armitage, Hall and Morrison, "Pharmacological basis for the tobacco-smoking habit" (1968, photocopy); Morrison, "Behavioural pharmacology of nicotine" (1974, ts, with Paton's pencil annotations); Ashton and Thompson, "The effects of cigarette smoking, nicotine and certain other drugs on the contingent negative variation (CNV) in man" (1974, ts); Hall, "Effects and sites of action of nicotine in the central nervous system" (1974, ts, Report to the MRC Working Party on Drug Dependence); and Hall, "The tobacco smoking habit and nicotine dependence" (1974, ts, Report to the MRC Working Party on Drug Dependence).



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