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Boy in the bubble.

Montgommery, John R.

About this work


This programme tells the story of Daniel Vetter, born in Houston in 1971 with severe combined immune deficiency (SCIDS) - a condition in which there is no functioning immune system. Paediatric doctors had hoped to give him a bone marrow transplant immediately after birth, but the procedure failed and Daniel was delivered into a germ-free plastic isolation chamber. The isolation chamber was intended to be temporary but he was to remain there for the next twelve years of his life before a new attempt to give him a bone marrow transplant led to his contracting an infection and dying. The programme uses archive footage and interviews with Daniels mother and those involved in Daniel's care at the time, particularly psychologists faced with his emotional well-being, bringing together an unforgettably poignant account of life for a young boy who could never be held or touched and whose home was a sterile bubble in a hospital laboratory.


UK : Channel 4, 2006.

Physical description

1 videocassette (65 min.) (VHS) : sound, color, PAL.

Copyright note

Ark Media and WGBH for Channel 4


Broadcast on 11 August, 2006



  • English

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