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Qigong exercise to treat illness due to sexual overindulgence


Free to use with attribution CC BYCredit: Wellcome Collection
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Xiuzhen miyao, a gymnastic (daoyin/qigong) text of unknown origin, was rediscovered and published with a preface by Wang Zai in 1513 (8th year of the Zhengde reign period of the Ming dynasty). It records 49 exercises. This illustration depicts Tuan shui gong (The recumbent practice of Chen Tuan), a technique which can be used to treat illnesses brought on by sexual overindulgence with women. It is practised as follows: One lies on one's side, with the head pillowed on the right hand, and rubs the lower abdomen repeatedly with the left fist. The right leg should be slightly bent and the left leg should be lying on top of it. Collecting one's thoughts, one disposes oneself for sleep. One takes 32 breaths into the abdomen, and in this way one circulates Qi for 12 breaths. With the continuous performance of this practice, one will recover spontaneously.


PICTURE TITLE: Chen Tuan shui gong (The recumbent practice of Chen Tuan), 2




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Qigong exercise to treat illness due to sexual overindulgence. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

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