Disabilities in Roman antiquity : disparate bodies, a capite ad calcem / edited by Christian Laes, C.F. Goodey, M. Lynn Rose.

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"This is the first volume ever to systematically study the subject of disabilities in the Roman world. The contributors examine the topic a capite ad calcem, from head to toe. Chapters deal with mental and intellectual disability, alcoholism, visual impairment, speech disorders, hermaphroditism, monstrous births, mobility problems, osteology and visual representations of disparate bodies. The authors fully engage with literary, papyrological, and epigraphical sources, while iconography and osteo-archaeology are taken into account. Also the late ancient evidence is taken into account. Refraining from a radical constructionist standpoint, the contributors acknowledge the possibility of discovering significant differences in the way impairment was culturally viewed or assessed."-- Publisher's website.


Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2013]

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xiii, 318 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.


Subtitle also reads as: Disparate bodies, from head to toe.


Approaching Disabilities a Capite ad Calcem. Hidden Themes in Roman Antiquity / Christian Laes, C.F. Goodey, M. Lynn Rose -- Mental States, Bodily Dispositions and Table Manners: a Guide to Reading 'Intellectual' Disability from Homer to late Antiquity / C.F. Goodey, M. Lynn Rose -- Psychiatric Disability in the Galenic Medical Matrix / Patricia A. Clark, M. Lynn Rose -- Two Historical Case Histories of Acute Alcoholism in the Roman Empire / Danielle Gourevitch, with the collaboration of Dr. Gilles Demigneux. Drunkenness, Alcoholism and Ancient History / Christian Laes -- Exploring Visual Impairment in Ancient Rome / Lisa Trentin -- A Nexus of Disability in Ancient Greek Miracle Stories: a Comparison of Accounts of Blindness from the Asklepieion in Epidauros and the Shrine of Thecla in Seleucia / Cornelia B. Horn -- Silent History? Speech Impairment in Roman Antiquity / Christian Laes -- Monstrous Births and Retrospective Diagnosis: The Case of Hermaphrodites in Antiquity / Lutz Graumann -- What's in a Monster? Pliny the Elder, Teratology and Bodily Disability / Bert Gevaert, Christian Laes -- A King Walking with Pain? On the Textual and Iconographical Images of Philip II and Other Wounded Kings / Evelyn Samama -- Disparate Lives or Disparate Deaths? Post-Mortem Treatment of the Body and the Articulation of Difference / Emma-Jayne Graham -- Disparate Bodies in Ancient Artefacts: the Function of Caricature and Pathological Grotesques among Roman Terracotta Figurines / Alex Mitchell.

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