Theodor Zwinger III (1658-1724): coat of arms with portrait and protective costume against plague. Oil painting.

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Right, a man standing, believed to be Theodor Zwinger III. Left, a doctor's plague costume. Between them, a red coat of arms bearing two crossed lances, and surmounted by two heads of men wearing 16th- or 17th-century hats. A painting on copper of the same composition, in the Historisches Museum Basel, is identified by Mollaret and Brossollet, loc. cit., as a portrait of Theodor Zwinger III (1658-1724), though the costume suggests an earlier generation

Physical description

1 painting : oil on wood ; wood 24 x 34 cm

References note

Jonathan Ferguson, 'Beaky blinders: in search of the plague doctor', Fortean times, 1 June 2020, pp. 34-41
H. Mollaret and J. Brossollet, 'La peste, source méconnue de l'inspiration artistique', Koninklijk Museum voor Schoone Kunsten, Jaarboek, 1965, p. 44 (Basel version)
Not reproduced in: H. Buess et al., Theodor Zwinger III (1658-1724): ein Basler Arzt und Kinderarzt der Barockzeit, Basel 1962


Wellcome Collection 45872i

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