9 "Tabloid" medicine Cases used in Africa

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9 "Tabloid" medicine Cases used in Africa. Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Nine relic "Tabloid" Medicine Cases used on different expeditions thoughout Africa by Capt. Stairs, Sir. H. M. Stanley, Capt. Thomas Stevens, Dr. Percy Rendall and Emin Pasha


(1) - Medicine belt carried by Capt. Stairs throughout his Katanga Expedition. (2) - The famous "Rear-Guard" Medicine Chest used during Sir. H. M. Stanley's travels. (3) - Extricated from the ruins after the Bandawe Mission House had been demolished by lightning; the contents that escaped damage were used for more than ten years afterwards. (4) - Once the property of E. G. Glave. Supplied for a journey made concerning the great slave question of Central Africa. This case was afterwards damaged in the Brussels Exhibition Fire, 1910. (5) - Carried by Capt. Thomas Stevens on the Expedition in East Africa to find Stanley. (6) - Chest carried by Sir. H. M. Stanley during the Emin Pasha Relief and other Expeditions. (7) - Formerly the property of Dr. Percy Rendall, Principle Medical Officer, British Central Africa Administration. (8) - Case carried by Frank Muxworthy, the famous African Caravan Leader, on three journeys through Uganda. (9) - The last Medicine Chest supplied to Emin Pasha. This chest was also damaged in the Brussels Exhibition Fire, 1910.

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