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Pentothal : its use in intravenous anaesthesia.

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Credit: Pentothal : its use in intravenous anaesthesia. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

About this work

Also known as

Pentothal (Thiopentone Sodium). Its use in intravenous anaesthesia.


A dramatised film which describes the benefits of pentothal anaesthesia. Two men, one with experience of administering the drug and the other asking questions, converse about the drug. This discussion is clearly scripted and rather clunky in its execution. There is a focus on checking whether the ampoule is faulty before the solution is mixed and drawn into the syringe. They discuss the desirability of different syringe sizes after which there is a description of routine anaesthesia administration. Medical illlustrations are used to show the veins which can be used for siting a continuous intravenous injection. How to pierce the patient with the syringe is described (skin, tissue, vein). To accompany the detailed narration, footage is shown intermittently of an unconscious patient followed by a further period of 20 seconds observation for full relaxation. A patient comes to consciousness smiling with a nurse looking on. There are some procedures for which pentothal are not suitable. The experienced anaesthetist opens a small briefcase with all the relevant kit. At 00:23:35 the two men go to the lecture theatre to view a number of films demonstrating pentothal's efficacy. The first one, with separate intertitles is entitled 'Manipulation in the Charterhouse Rheumatism Clinic, London'. A patient is induced in 7 seconds; then manipulated whilst anaesthetised. The second film is 'Conservation Treatment in the Dental Chair'; a patient is induced and then has a tooth filled. The next films if 'Appendectomy and Laparotomy in the Royal Cancer Hospital'. Complications of anaesthesia are reviewed. Their discussion is brought to a halt by a Sister.



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1 encoded moving image (39:51 mins.) : sound, colour



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Some restrictions.
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Presented by the British Medical Association through the courtesy of Abbott Laboratories Ltd. Made with the co-operation of the Royal Cancer Hospital, London. Produced by Kinocrat Films Ltd, London under the Medical Direction of Dr. Ronald Jarman.

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In English.

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Abbott Laboratories Ltd.


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