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Poster advertising a freak show at S. Watson's Grand American Museum including: Captain Alexander, the giant of all giants. Lieut. Tiny Tit, 25 years of age, standing 24 inches in height. The Jumbo sisters, weighing 84 stone combined, Carl, the armless and legless [ie, limbless] wonder, Mdme Nala Dama Janta, Mdlle Augusta, the albino queen, Kasper & Zamara, the gifted clairvoyante, the Performing Fleas and Little Rosebud, the midget banjo player. The poster was printed by M.M. Hanly, & Co., General Printers, 18a Fetter Lane, London, E.C.



Physical description

1 sheet : black, red and white ; 45 x 29 cm



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