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C20 Chinese medical illustration in trad. style: Hand massage


Free to use with attribution CC BYCredit: Wellcome Collection
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Youke san zhong (Three Books of Paediatrics) is a mid 20th century composite edition of three classics of paediatrics: Zengbu douzhen yusui jinjing lu (The Gold And Chalcedony Mirror of Pox Diseases, Expanded Edition) by Weng Zhongren (Ming period, 1368-1644), Youke tiejing (Iron Mirror of Paediatrics) by Xia Ding (Qing period, 1644-1911), and Xiao'er tuina guangyi (Overview of Paediatric tuina Massage) by Xiong Yingxiong (Qing period). A small number of illustrations are included in a supplement.

This illustration of 'Whipping the Horse over the Milky Way', in traditional ink and brush style, is one of 16 illustrations of hand and arm massage included in Overview of Paediatric tuina Massage.


Heading: Illustration of 'Whipping the Horse over the Milky Way'



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License information

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C20 Chinese medical illustration in trad. style: Hand massage. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

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