3D print of vessels of a healthy mini pig eye.

  • Maloca, Peter M.
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3D view on vessels of a healthy minipig eye. The opening on the right corresponds to the pupil as the gateway input of all light into the eye. The abundance of vessels of the pupil bring energy and food to the muscles to control the amount of incident light. The other large vessels are feeder vessels for the outer layers of the retina and muscles, so that the eye quickly can perceive the environment and the creature may adapt and survive.

Information about the blood vessels was taken by injection of a newly developed, high-viscous contrast media. Micro-CT scanning was applied and a 3D vessel volume rendered. Images were freed from speckle-noise with a three-dimensional filter to enhance the signal. Obtained vessels were extracted to produce a template for a 3D printing. The axial length is 19 millimeter. The smallest vessels that have been detected are 20-30 microns in diameter.

Print method: 3D Print FDM. Print material: ABS.



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