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Annual report for the year 1925-26 : 28th year of issue adopted by the Board on 24 July, 1926 / Metropolitan Asylums Board.

  • Morris, Francis.
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Annual report. 1925-26.


London : Printed by Harrison and Sons, 1926.

Physical description

366 pages, 17 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm


Consists of a summary of the constitution, duties, details of work, organisation and members of the Board, a general review of the year (Francis Morris, G. A. Powell), list of chief officers, statistical tables, medical report,infectious diseases section, mental diseases section including a reports of the consulting neurologist to the Board (S. A. Kinnier Wilson) and surgeon to the Board (C. Price Thomas), n the Fountain Mental Hospital, Tooting Graveney, tuberculosis section, sick children section, dental statistics, report on the ambulance service, report of the Training Ship Exmouth, report on the casual poor and a financial statement
Includes aerial view of Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton
Published in both board and paper bindings
Copy 1 Note: Hardbound copy.
Copy 2 Note: Paper bound copy.
Copy 3 Note: Paper bound copy. Back cover loose.

Bibliographic information

Includes bibliographic references


Partial contents: Smallpox / A. F. Cameron.-- Observations on certain of the foregoing tables / F. Foord Caiger.-- Report on the laboratory work and preparation of diphtheria antitoxin carried out at the antitoxin establishment (Belmont Laboratories) during the year 1925 / R. G. White.-- Report on the research and pathological services of the Metropolitan Asylums Board during the year 1925 / J. E. McCartney.-- On the preparation of tellurite trypsin serum agar for the isolation of B. Diptheriae / W. Mair, T. H. Ayling.-- Tracheotomy in children / J. H. Whitaker.-- Two cases of wound diphtheria / F. M. Turner.-- Notes on a case of diphtheria, with petechial rash, terminating in recovery / Ruby Inkster.-- Some rare symptoms of serum sickness / A. C. Sommerville.-- Disinfection in the hospital / A. F. Cameron, H. M. Pereira.-- Puerperal sepsis / James Wyatt.-- Two cases of puerperal fever/ Robert Swyer.-- Unusual serum reactions in a case of paratyphoid fever / R. N. Curnow.-- Uraemia due to bilateral renal calculi simulating laryngeal diphtheria / Norman W. Walmsley.-- Acute dropsy in a case of scarlet fever / H. M. Pereira.-- Notes on a case of septic scarlet fever / L. G. Le Blanc.-- A case of scarlet fever complicated by streptococcal peritonitis / Ruby Inkster.-- Two cases of ptyalism / H. M. Pereira.-- An alternative to the intracutaneous method of determining susceptibility to scarlet fever and diphtheria / G. W. Ronaldson.-- Measles comlicated by gangrene of the legs / D. J. Hishon.-- Measles at confinement, with a subsequent modified attack in the child / G. W. Ronaldson.-- Some observations on the Schultz-Charlton reaction / J. C. Blake.-- A four-toed foot / E. B. Sherlock.-- The incidence of congenital syphilis in mental deficiency. A preliminary report / R. M. Stewart.-- A case of porencephaly / R. M. Stewart.-- Notes on a markedly undeveloped brain / P. M. Turnbull, B. F. Home.-- A case of general paralysis treated by inoculation with malaria / P. M. Turnbull.-- A case of meningocele / T. Brushfield, W. Wyatt.-- Cleido-cranial dysostosis / S. J. Laverty.-- Pituitary dwarfism / J. P. Park Inglis.-- Unusual and abnormal mental states / James Nicoll.-- Observations on the statistics for pulmonary tuberculosis / James Watt.-- Some difficulties in the search for "early cases" in pulmonary tuberculosis / W. C. Fowler.-- Note on the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis by artificial pneumonia / James Watt.-- A case of pulmonary tuberculosis treated by artificial pneumothorax / J. G. Cummins.-- Pyrexia and prognosis in pulmonary tuberculosis / H. Brenton Porteous.-- A case of advanced pulmonary tuberculosis with negative sputum / Corydon H. Budge.-- Millfield Seaside Home, Rustington, Sussex-- The relative value of open air, sunlight, and artificial light in treatment / W. T. Gordon Pugh.-- Notes on the use of ultra-violet radiation from artificial sources / N. Gray Hill.-- The pathological diagnosis of bone and joint tuberculosis / W. M. Oakden.-- Some observations on the symptom of pain in spinal caries in adults / W. P. Grieve.-- Balneotherapy at Millfield, Rustington, Sussex / C. E. Last.-- Report for the year 1925 on the skin and ringworm departments, Goldie Leigh Homes, Abbey Wood, S.E. / J. M. H. MacLeod.-- Report on the preliminary periodical inspections at the Central London District School during 1925 / F. A. C. Tyrell.-- Report on the work of the Metropolitan Asylums Board After-Care Clinic, Kentish Town, in 1925.-- W. T. Gordon Pugh.-- Report on the eye department of Queen Mary's Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey, for the three years 1923-25 / T. H. Whittington.-- Report on the ophthalmic department of the Downs Hospital, Sutton, Surrey, for 1924-25 / T.H. Whittington.-- Report on the ophthalmic examination of boys on the training ship Exmouth, for 1923-25 / T. H. Whittington.-- Reports on "rheumatic infection in childhood" / W.T. Gordon Pugh.-- The urgency of the discharging ear / Charles J. Heath.-- The examination of the eyes and eyesight of young children / T. H. Whittington.-- Some guiding principles in the post-operative treatment of mastoid disease / F. Anthony Wrench.-- Report on teaching arrangements at hospital schools / W. T. Gordon Pugh.-- Orthodontia / B. Micklethwait.-- Dental operations on epileptic patients / S. E. Pomeroy.



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