The infertility journey : real voices, real issues, real insights / Tarun Jain.

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"Infertility affects about 15 percent of all couples (1 in 7) in the United States, and occurs equally among women and men. When it affects you... it can quickly become one of the most trying times in your life. Your infertility journey, however, does not have to be so difficult. By being empowered with the right information, you can make the right choices... leading to the most efficient path to success. This unique book is simple yet powerful, and sets you on the right path. It includes the most pertinent medical information that is easy to understand. Furthermore, it has anonymous quotes from many infertility patients to put real voices behind the disease. You are not alone. This book will serve as a trusted companion on your journey to parenthood."--From cover.


[United States] :, [2016]

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221 pages : black and white illustrations ; 23 cm



Part one: The basics. Trying to conceive -- Diagnosis of infertility -- Seeing my ob/gyn -- Referral to reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist) -- Finances -- Part two: The causes. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) -- Endometriosis -- Tubal disease -- Age factor/decreased ovarian reserve -- Uterine factor -- Male factor -- Unexplained -- Part three: The treatments. Clomiphene Citrate -- Aromatase inhibitors -- Gonadotropins -- Intrauterine insemination -- Surgery -- In vitro fertilization -- Preimplantation genetic screening -- Fertility preservation -- Acupuncture -- Yoga -- Herbs/supplements -- Part four: The relationships. Partner/spouse -- Family -- Religion -- Job/career -- Friends -- Counseling/support groups -- Internet -- Fertility nurse -- Part five: Every day. Daily life -- Meals and nutrition -- Feeling different -- Stress -- Guilt and anger -- Part six: Unexpected paths. Donor egg -- Donor sperm -- Donor embryos -- Gestational carrier -- Adoption -- Part seven: Outcomes. Not pregnant -- Positive pregnancy test! -- Miscarriage/recurrent pregnancy loss -- Ectopic pregnancy -- Multiple pregnancy -- Baby! -- Part eight: Extra. Things infertility couples do not want to hear -- Things infertility couples do want to hear.



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