Science and the city / edited by Sven Dierig, Jens Lachmund and J. Andrew Mendelsohn.

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Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2003.

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282 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.


Introduction : toward an urban history of science / Sven Dierig, Jens Lachmund and J. Andrew Mendelsohn -- The city of Paris and the rise of clinical medicine / Dora B. Weiner and Michael J. Sauter -- Friends of nature : urban sociability and regional natural history in Dresden, 1800-1850 / Denise Phillips -- Science in a Chinese entrepôt : British naturalists and their Chinese associates in old Canton / Fa-Ti Fan -- The fading star of the Paris Observatory in the nineteenth century : astronomers' urban culture of circulation and observation / David Aubin -- Organizing sight, seeing organization : the diverging optical possibilities of city and country / Theresa Levitt -- Engines for experiment : laboratory revolution and industrial labor in the nineteenth-century city / Sven Dierig -- Nineteenth-century urban cartography and the scientific ideal : the case of Paris / Antoine Picone -- The microscopist of modern life / J. Andrew Mendelsohn -- 'The city of din' : decibels, noise, and neighbors in the Netherlands, 1910-1980 / Karin Busterveld -- Anomie in the metropolis : the city in American sociology and psychiatry / Hans Pols -- 'Traditional working-class neighborhoods' : an inquiry into the emergence of a sociological model in the 1950s and 1960s / Christian Topalov -- Exploring the city of rubble : botanical fieldwork in bombed cities in Germany after World War II / Jens Lachmund -- Dreaming the new Atlantis : science and the planning of Technopolis, 1955-1985 / Rosemary Wakeman.

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