Drug advertising ephemera. Box 21.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes: Felsol (asthma), Genticin (bacterial infections), Acriflavine (antiseptic), Anacardone (cardiac and respiratory stimulant, obstetric, surgical shock), Anahaemin (anaemia), Androgens (methyl-testosterone, testosterone propionate, 1950), Anorvit (anaemia in pregnancy), British Drug Houses' sex hormone preparations in clinical practice (December 1946), Caprokol (urinary tract infections), Entacyl (anthelmintic, threadworms, roundworms), Insulin 'A.B.', Iodatol (iodine addition product of poppy seed oil), Livogen (restorative vitamin B), Mandelic Acid, Mersalyl (mercurial diuretic), Mycil (tinea pedis, fungal dermatoses), Pectamol (cough), Fluscorbin (influenza, colds), Serial 28 (oral contraception, Dec. 1966), Radio-Malt (cough, colds, influenza, bronchitis, tonsilitis, convalescence, tonic), Radiostoleum (vitamin A and D product), Volidan 21 (oral contraceptive, 1964?), Brontisol (airways obstruction, asthma, bronchitis), Cyclospasmol (blood pressure anomalies, hypertension, hypotension), Disipal (Parkinson disease), Dr. Bronson's Compound Pepsin Troches (weak stomachs, indigestion, dyspepsia), Mead's Cod Liver Oil, Mead's Oleum Percomorphum (rickets), Dr. Mettaur's Headache Pills (headache, constipation, biliousness, Brown's Iron Bitters (malaria, dyspepsia, female infirmities (menstruation disorders? menopause?) .

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.


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