The relief of pain and the treatment of disease by vibration : Halliwell-Shelton electric vibrator / Halliwell Shelton Electric Corporation.

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Halliwell Shelton vibrator for health and beauty.


The vibrator was recommended as curing or helping in cases of: amenorrhoea, ankylosis, asthma, backache, poor circulation, constipation, cerebral anemia, writer's cramp, deafness, diabetes mellitus, fading beauty, falling hair, aiding growing children, haemorrhoids, hysteria, indigestion, infantile paralysis, injuries, sprains, bruises, lateral spine curvature, locomotor ataxia, loss of vigor, lumbago, nervousness, sleep disorders, neuralgia, neuritis, obesity, rheumatic diseases, sciatica, sore throat, nasal catarrh, soreness of the chest and wasted muscles.


New York : Halliwell Shelton Electric Corporation, [1915?]

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16 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm


Cover title varies: Halliwell Shelton vibrator for health and beauty.


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