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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 7

Aug 1903 - Jul 1904
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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfiche version quoting the reference AMS/MF/165. **

499 pages. p.105 blank, some pages clearly cancelled. Note pasted at rear of volume: "Pages 500-505 used for copying private letter from Mr Wellcome to Dr TJ Barnado 22 August 1903".

AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR USA 37, 53 HSW thanked AD for reports on nutrition and composition of food.
ALLEN & HANBURY 395 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
AMERICAN SHOE COMPANY 315 [faint copy] enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
AMERICAN SOCIETY IN LONDON, to Seligman Bros. 35, 313. Subscriptions and donations to the Benevolent Fund.
Mrs E Garrett ANDERSON 388 enc. donation for the Imperial Vaccination League
ANGLO-AMERICAN MACHINERY CO LTD, EL Rankin 96 re. exhibition of cigarette machine
ANGLO ITALIAN EXPRESS, London 14 re. shipment of books from Italy.
ANGLO-JAPANESE GAZETTE 52, 472 enc. subscriptions
Mr ANSTRUTHER, Orthopaedic hospital Great Portland Street 304 re. application by Newman for a job at BW&Co.
ASPREY & CO 214 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
SR ATKINS, Salisbury 41 invited to visit Dartford factory and WC&I
Herbert AUSTIN 99, 138 HSW asked to inspect the Roman Wall discovered at Newgate; 138 [right hand section of letter was not copied] HSW collected fragment for his collection.
AYLESBURY DAIRY COMPANY 28, 33, 260, 339, 371. enc. cheques for 'humanised milk supplied' on Mrs HSW's behalf. 260 requested credit for returned bottles; 339 dispute re. account;

SH BAILEY & SONS 98 enc. cheque.
Julian L BAKER [Freemason?] 157 enc. donation to Ling Testimonial
Dr Andrew BALFOUR, Gordon College, Sudan 6, 19-20, 49-50, 57, 65, 115, 137, 230, 232, 235, 287, 386, 425, 436, 462, 480, 481, 482. 6, 19-20 sent additional apparatus (e.g. from Messrs Hearson), inc. replacements for breakages; 49-50, from HFJ on progress of labs, additional apparatus, asked precisely which barometer was required, enc. 'times' corresp. re. 'the mosquito plant'; 57 re. apparatus inc. details re. 'Acetylene Plant'; 65 enc. copy letter; 115 HSW requested exhibition on the work and progress of the labs; 137 introduced to Charles Singer medical officer to Sir John Harrington's Nile to Abyssinia expedition; 229 Currie's ill-health, preparation of first report from Labs; 232 & 235 visitor's book and scrap book sent to AB; 287 [note - bleeding from adjoining letter obscures the centre of the letter] ack. receipt of first report, also possible new employee; 386, 462 re. AB's gun from Venice; 425 re. Mr Fitzgerald's lectures and re. Mr Neave; 436 re. Mr Neave and N's wish to appoint a geologist; 480 [poor copy] re. historical exhibition, appointment of Dr Beam; 481 re. appointment of Dr Neave for work in the Sudan "The decision as to whether or not, and when this [staff discoveries] should be published should rest always with the Director [of the WPRL]"; 482 re. bookplate by Mr Currie.
Mrs BALFOUR 389 forwarded goods to.
Geo BARBER 378 ack. receipt of bound copy of the Tabloid Appeal Case.
George BARGER, WPRL Brockwell Hall 294 HSW congratulated GB on 'A Microscopial Method of Determining Molecular Weights'.
Dr BARNADO'S HOMES FOR WAIFS 482 enc. donation.
H Walter BARNETT & ARNOLD 302, 325, 358 ordered copy of Lord Cromer's photograph
Gilbert BARTHOLOMEW 197, 213 re. membership of Imperial Industries Club
BAXTER PAYNE & LEPPER 2, 3, 9, 13, 82, 83, 109, 131, 156, 178, 187, 200, 212, 222, 259, 262. re. rental of Oast House, Hayes - agreement, inventory, enc. cheques etc; 259 re. 'The Nest'
BEALE & TRUMAN 25 enc. cheque
Henry L BEDFORD 160 enc. donation for Rev Gibson's Testimonial Fund
Mrs BELCHAMBERS 457 ack. receipt of letter.
BERYSTEDE HOTEL, Ascot 4 rooms for Mrs & Miss Head
J BLABER 178, 327 enc. cheque, requested AJM Jephson's address.
Dr BLAKE 348 enc. cheque
BOVRIL, to GL Johnston & Douglas 161, 199, 206, 209, 220, 228. re. Tabloid and Bovril Legal Cases, also inclusion of words (or similar) in dictionaries. To Andrew Walker 161 thanked for congratulations re. Tabloid Case, lent transcript of case.
John R BOX, Nurseryman, West Wickham 496 enc. cheque
Miss Margaret BREAY 226 re. HSW's historical exhibition
BRITISH EMBASSY, ROME to Sir Francis BERTIE 210, 263, 296. Dr Sambon's permit to carry out historical research in Italy.
H BROOKS Surbiton 34 enc. cheque
BROOKS & SON 27 enc. cheque re. AJ Mounteney Jephson's account
JF BROUGH [Freemason?] 251, 355 re. dinner invitation and meeting.
Henry J BROWN, Trafalgar Square 167, 249. 167 death of BF Stevens; HSW thanked HJB for bust.
Sir Thomas Lander BRUNTON 202 loan of book for HSW's historical exhibition.
James BUCHANAN & CO 270 ack. letter.
Dr E A Wallis BUDGE 66 thanked for copy of 'A History of Egypt'.
Mr BULLOCK 333 requested catalogue.
Dr HW Wiley, Chief of BUREAU OF CHEMISTRY, USA Department of Agriculture, Washington, 38 re. reports on nutrition and composition of food
BURNETT & CO 169, 349, 432 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW.
Ven Archdeacon BURNEY 86 enc. cheque for christening
BURROUGHS WELLCOME & CO, mainly to Aubrey T Hill 155, 159, 269, 288, 311, 359, 477. 155 HSW thanked staff for 'cordial congratulations' re. Tabloid Case; 159 to 'Heads of Department' re. appointment of Martin Kallman - 'employed by the firm to re-organise the various departments of the business and to introduce new systems'; 269 re. Dartford Tariff Reform League; 288 enc. concert tickets for staff; 311 [very faint] AT Hill instructed to speak to HSW re. Botanical Gardens; 359 enc. Chemist & Druggist article (30th April 1904); 477 to AH in St Louis re. Exhibition and visit to Elgin Watch Works.
W&G BUSZARD 142, 395 enc. cheques for Christening Cake and Mrs HSW.

Dr E CANTLEY 382, 386 enc. cheque re. fees
Frederick CAPON 15, 24, 32a (2pp), 100, 122, 128, 258, 261, 267, 271, 272, 315, 336, 375, 385, 402-403, 418, 441, 442, 457, 468. re. hire of carriages, 32a terms of agt, also enc. cheques, gave details of HSW's movements and 402-403 detailed list of requirements
CARLYLE'S HOUSE MEMORIAL TRUST, Secretary Geo. A Lumsden 222 re. annual meeting. Messrs H&W CARR 323, 376 enc. cheques
CARTER PATERSON & CO 353 return of bottles to the Aylesbury Dairy Company.
Sidney PATERNOSTER 1723 HSW enc. articles re. Tabloid Case.
CENTRAL ASSOCIATION OF UC STUDENTS 320 HSW unable to attend graduation.
CHAMBER of COMMERCE, LONDON, COMMERCIAL EDUCATION 65 enc. donation to education fund
CHARING CROSS STATION MASTER 61 re. American travellers.
CHEMIST & DRUGGIST 163 ack. receipt of C&D diary 1904
CHEMIST'S BALL, RA Robinson 140 purchased tickets.
Thomas CHRISTY & CO 317, 431 re. success of Tabloid Case and Chamber of Commerce meeting.
CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY, Dr Elliott 286 enc. donation for new hospital at Mengo
T Maltby CLAGNE 192 ack. letter.
HS CLAPP, Malta 421 re. family, Stanley's death, also re. Stanley's adopted son Denzil.
Prof CLEELAND 473, 498 re. Historical Exhibition.
COCK HOTEL, STONY STRATFORD 268 redirection of HSW's letters from Cock Hotel to BW&Co.
Herbert COLLINS 341 enc. cheque
Miss J CONNOLLY 77, 81 engaged by HSW and Mrs HSW as nurse.
Dr CONNSTEIN, Vereinigte Chemische Werke, Germany 485 HSW apologised for delay from BW&Co accounts office, mentions Dr Darmastaedter.
Thomas COOK & SON 327, 331, 499. HSW ordered additional copies of 'A Message to Garcia' issued by the New York Central Railroad [see WPRL]; 499 booked passage for HSW and family to America.
Albert COOPER 444 enc. donation to Glyn-Jones Testimonial
GCW COTTER 377, 397 ack. letter, best wishes for travel abroad.
Dr J Ward COUSINS 100, 196 re. JWC inventions inc. Antiseptic Protective, HSW gave details of surgical instrument makers.
SH COWEN 458 re. possible employment.
LE CREASEY 224 ack. letter.
CREASEY, SON & PARSLOW 324 enc. cheque
CRICHTON BROS 221 enc. cheque
Sidney CRONK & George Rae Fraser 447 sold 100 shares in the United Cigarette Company Ltd (as per agreement with the Ludington Cigarette Machine Company Ltd) to HSW.
Geo W COLLINS 456 ack. receipt of letter.
Senator CULLOM 205 re. deaths of MR & Mrs RG Hardie, HSW concerned re. provision for son.
James CURRIE BA 10, 229 thanked for naming Gordon Laboratories after HSW, also re. portrait photos of Kitchener and Cromer to be hung in Laboratories. 229 inc reference to design of book plates for College Library.

DAILY CHRONICLE 188 HSW asked for statement on 'Fiscal Controversy'.
DAILY TELEGRAPH Editor, 50a, letter on fraudulent substitution - HSW used non BW&Co examples.
Marcello DALMAZZO, Rome 278 ack. letter
DARTFORD BRANCH OF TARIFF REFORM LEAGUE to SK Keyes, (Dartford 'Daren' Flour Mills) & William Armstrong 243, 250 278, 301. HSW vice-president of League, enc. subscription, also re. meetings.
[DARTFORD COUNCIL] to W Kay, Council Offices 316, 329 HSW unable to attend dinner, AT Hill to attend.
DARTFORD FOOTBALL CLUB GW Sarel, 31, 288, 445 enc. donations
DARTFORD FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY [proposed], FW GILL 153 HSW had no objection though he expressed the hope that 'greater attention will be given to the formation of a representative collection of technical and general educational and generally instructive books than to fiction'. DARTFORD POOR FUND, Rev Percy E Smith 228 enc. donation
DARTFORD 'QUEEN'S OWN' Royal West Kent Regiment, Dr Hamilton 426 enc. donation for Drill Hall.
DARTFORD ST ALBANS NEW PARISH to Rev John Brand 227 enc. donation
DARTFORD SCHOOL, C Jodrell N Mansford 427, 471 donations to sports fund and school extension fund.
DARTFORD VOLUNTEERS Capt Morphew 52 enc. donation
DARTFORD WEDNESDAY FOOTBALL CLUB, H Wilkinson 101 enc. donation
DARTFORD YWCA, Miss Seager 224 enc. donation
Mdlle Blanche DAVIDSON 268 asked to make her request in writing.
Alfred DAVIS 452 enc. cheque
Oliver CM DAVIS, Bristol University 281 ack. letter
WJ DAVY 58 HSW thanked WJD for the 'Glave' medicine case which was added to those in 'my museum of historic medicine chests'.
Charles DELACRE, Brussels 72 re. meeting with HSW.
DEW & SONS, Auctioneers, Wales 438, 488 HSW interested in Lord Anglesey's effects, enc. cheque for catalogues.
DICKENS & JONES 220 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
Mrs DICKINSON 91 re. Mrs HSW's opera glasses
Arthur DIOSY 240 HSW's interest in 'Will Adams & His Adventures in Early Japan'
DIRECTOR OF STORES, The Citadel, Cairo 55 re. apparatus for Balfour & Gordon College.
C DIXEY & SON 324 enc. cheque
Dr W DOWSON, WPRL Brockwell Hall 39, 46, 163 257, 289, 340, 345, 406, 409, 456, 461, 469, 484. Several enc. cuttings or articles of interest to WD. 39 HSW agreed with WD's letter to him, thanked DW for peaches from the Hall garden; 46 re. appointment of a pathologist, WE Curtis to visit to visit Brockwell Hall Laboratories - WD to highlight 'the magnitude and importance of the work' also possible visit by JW Foster; 257 enc. amended 'draft of declaration'; 340 [very faint] & 345, upon moving house HSW asked WD to take on his 'young page Clark' as a messenger, WD to arrange lodgings; 406 re. possible appointment of Dale 'our attitude must be that we do not want Mr Dale unless he wants to come. I do not want any man who has to be persuaded'; 461 re. Mr Barger's report; 469 enc. letter from Mr Mellanby.

Benjamin EDGINGTON 60 paid insurance for the Egyptian tents stored by BE.
AW ELCOMBE 364 ack. receipt of 'Oil & Colourmans Journal'
G ELHIN 432 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
ELLIOTT & TUPP 99, 174, 251, 255, 264, 300, 303, 309 re. copy of General John Foster photograph enc. cheques.
F Ashcroft ELLWOOD, Freemason 75 re. RMIB & RMIG votes.
WG EMERSON 368 enc. cheque
EMILE [RUBENSTEIN] & CO 164 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
EMULATION LODGE OF IMPROVEMENT, J Russell 221, 352 enc. donations (inc. Mr Money's wedding present).
EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE 106, 108 enc. cheque re. policy 205766
DH EVANS & CO 145, 283, 370 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW.

SW FAIRCHILD 123, 168, 245, 329, 414. 123 re. 'Wilson Case [-v- BW&Co] and relationship with Forbes & Haviland; 168 re. end of Tabloid Case and return to Wilson Case ; 245 thanked SF for newspaper clippings re. death of Mr & Mrs Hardie; 329 visit by SWF and family to London; 414 [very poor copy] re. Tabloid case.
FARROW & CO 1, 3 re. hire of carriages, postscript re. books received by Mrs HSW; Rev Philbeach FEASEY 225 re. HSW's historical exhibition
Joseph FELS 16, 18, 112 re. legal case involving L&Co (but not BW&Co) which was lost.
Robert W FELKIN 249 thanked for paper 'The Egyptian Soudan & East Africa' [letter by Perredes]
Juan FERREIRA, Madeira 313, 417 HSW unable to visit Madeira, enc. cheques
FIDELITY LODGE to George Low 212 enc. donation.
Miss A FIELD FISHER 88 HFJ returned picture.
FM FISK PD&Co 151, 158 HSW thanked FMF for assistance re. Tabloid Case, arranged meeting.
WWA FITZGERALD 377 accepted invitation.
Robert FLEMING 415 [very poor copy] thanked for gift, asked that Mr Hill should visit the Elgin Watch Company Works (Illinois) for a tour of the Works practices whilst on a visit to the St Louis Exhibition (to compare general work practices) .
Dr A Chune FLETCHER 30, 73, 136, 213, 247, 319, 364, 365, 438. 30 letter of introduction from HSW for Prof. Remington, Dean of Philadelphia Pharmacy College, mentions Power and Perredes; 73 re. Mrs Greely's broken porcelain; 136 re. Savage Club dinner and awaiting judgement on Tabloid Case; 213 ACF gave HSW a near complete set of the Lancet; 247 HSW invited CF Whitefriars' Club Annual Dinner; 364 votes for Epsom College; several enc. tickets for events - lecture on Yosemite, Italian Exhibition, Arthur Diosy lecture.
Sir Ernest FLOWER, St Bartholomew's Hospital 454 requested 6 tickets for fundraiser.
FORBES & HAVILAND, New York 277 re. death of Mr Francis Forbes, senior partner
General JW FOSTER, c/o Carlton Hotel 91 enc. binoculars and telescope.
Miss Milner FOTHERSGILL 125, 189. HSW enquired re. positions for women at perfumers.
J FOUNTAIN 323 enc. cheque
Prof Sir Thomas FRASER 492 re. Historical Exhibition
Col FW FRIGOUT, Freemason 305 re. RMIB votes

GARDINER & CO 470 HSW sent 'skins' to be overhauled - Chamois, Caraboo, monkey, deer, Nuta. 'The greatest care must be taken of the paintings on the back of these skins so that they are not destroyed in any way' [North American Indian objects?]
Rev HF GASTER 85 enc. cheque for poor of St Michael's Church [re christening].
GENERAL POST OFFICE Telegraph Department 134 complaint re. late delivery.
GERARD et VIE 489 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
J GIBBONS West Wickham 285, 335, 360 enc. cheques
Mrs GILBERT 444 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
J Allen GLASSE 12 no possible employment.
FA GLOVER & CO LTD 400 re. electrical work for Stramshall Lodge
GARDON CITY ESTATE, Thomas Adams, 72, 76 HSW unable to visit GCE.
RF GOULD 299, 359 re. Concise History Of Masonry - copyright for reproduction of Washington portrait.
W GOULDSMITH & Son 346 enc. cheque
General GREELY, Washington 17, 111. re. porcelain cup which Greely wanted matched to a set. 17 includes a faded ms postscript 'Pray accept my hearty thanks for the splendid photo of [?] I value it greatly'
Mr GREENLEES 195 re. BW&Co positions suitable for women, also re. G's re. membership of Imperial Industries Club
EC GREENWOOD 131, 282. 131 HSW enc. cheques - one 'for vaccinating my little son'.
Dr W GRESHOF, Director of the Colonial Museum Haarlem, Holland 449 re. brother Anton's illness, A had been living in Congo and had contracted a tropical disease, offered services of Sir Patrick Manson and Surgeon Major Ross.
Anton GRESHOFF 80, 89. re. HMW's christening, also HM Stanley's ill health. 89 a copy of 80 which was sent to Brazzaville, also best wishes re. illness.
Dr Carlo GIONGO, Milal [sic - Milan?] 39 HSW unable to take up proposition.
Daniel GRINSTEAD 110 enc. cheque

Reginald HAINES 431 enc. cheque for photographs
Rev JR HALE 467 HSW paid for Llewellyn to stay at 'the Home' for 2 months [member of staff? see 466]
Henry HALL 103, Hall asked to take HSW's wedding present to Edith Fairchild in America.
Prof Carl HALLBERG, Chicago 170 HSW thanked CH for article.
HAMMOND TYPEWRITER CO 326 returned incorrectly sized shuttles.
HAMPTON & SONS 277 Mr Bruce to inspect house.
HARRISON & SON 369, 380, 404 re. death of HM Stanley;
HARRISON BROS & HOWSON, Sheffield 242, 451 enc. cheque re. silver plate.
HARROD'S STORES LTD 396, 492 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW.
FC HERON 291 ack. letter
Maxwell HICKS 69, 95 HSW sent best wishes for a speedy recovery.
HB HILL, Sudan 420 items left by HSW in 1901 to be forwarded to Balfour.
HITCHINGS Ltd, 74, 283 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW.
HOCKEY CLUB H Dearle 92 HSW agreed to become patron, enc. donation.
U HOEPLI, Milan 5 purchased 41 books, (gives catalogue and book numbers)
Wm HOLLINS & CO 127 'Viyella' Patterns and cloth samples for Mrs HSW.
EM HOLMES, 166, 217, 320. HSW thanked EH for congratulations re. Tabloid Case, also re. HSW's proposed exhibition - photograph of Mandrake.
HOOK, KNOWLES & CO 42, 177, 216. Enc. cheques for Mrs HSW.
David HOOPER, Indian Museum, Calcutta 181 re. HSW's historical exhibition, asked for details of plants used in native Indian medicine.
W Singleton HOOPER 397 enc. donation to fund for William W Lee
J HORLICK, Messrs Horlick & Co 321 The 'Absorbine' Trade Mark had been infringed, but the owner was unable to meet legal costs. Due to it being an important test case, HSW quoted 'Milkine' and asked JH to donate to an appeal for legal funding .
HORNSBY & SONS Ltd., Grantham 284, 341 enc. cheques
HOTEL CECIL WH Rylands 154 enc. cheque for wine
HOTEL METROPOLE Folkestone 40, 47 queried and paid account
HOUGHTON & GANN 282 enc. cheque
Frank M HOYT, c/o Paris 435 re. family and visit to England.
Chas H HULBARD 474 re. visit by Mr Hill and HSW to Elgin Works, arranged by Mr Fleming.
Mrs HUNT 81, 118, 152, 394 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW

IMPERIAL INDUSTRIES CLUB, JE Evans Jackson 297, 316, 389, 413 enc. subscription, also re. dinners.
Mr INGLEBY, Aylsham 59 HSW requested copy of Pocahontas portrait owned by Ingleby.
Miss Rebecca INSLEY 69 HSW unable to provide a WPRL report on rheumatism at that time.

WM JACKSON 233 details of death of Mr & Mrs Robert Gordon Hardie, HSW asked that if their son required any assistance he was to be approached.
JAEGER'S SANITARY WOOLLEN CO 75, 237, enc. cheques
JAPAN SOCIETY 273, 317. 273 enc. donation to Japanese Red Cross Fund; 317 enc. subscription
AJ Mounteney JEPHSON 132, 379, 458. 132 HSW invited Jephson to the Savage Club dinner, also re. case [HSW signed 'Hal']; 379 returned copies of Livingstone Bruce letters; 458 ack. receipt of Mrs Head's cheque to HSW.
Elias JESSURUM 120 re. meeting HSW.
J Heath JOYCE, 'Daily Graphic' 218, 334, 405, 420, 426. 218 ack. obituary of RG Hardie; 334 requested permission to reproduce illustrations in Gordon College Report.

KEITH PROWSE & CO 253, 274, 434 enc. cheques
CJ KEMP-WELCH 223 enc. subscription to unnamed organisation
KEMYS TYNTE & TEMPLE CROSSING, Freemason Lodge, to J Percy Fitzgerald 117, 384 enc. subscriptions.
EJ KENNEY 468, 479, 487 re. International Exhibition of Drawings etc [487 blurred copy]
A Barton KENT 276, 292 re. meeting
DM KERLY 151 HSW thanked DMK for assistance re. Tabloid Case
A KESHISHIAN 391, 467 re. meeting.
Imre KIRALFY 365 ack. receipt of Italian Exhibition tickets.
KIRBY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION, FW Ward 107, 112, 133, 138, 147, 211, 219, 253. re. Freemason business, meetings, enc. donations, in 1903 remained Treasurer although did not attend meetings.
Mons P de KONING, Holland 184 HSW requested copy of 'Trois Tratites d'Atomie Arabes'.
M KRIS, Vienna 248 ack. letter

LAFAYETTE Ltd 114 enc. cheque
Messrs LAMBERTS 357, 452 ack. receipt of rattle, but missing sketch, enc. cheque.
Mrs A LAMPARD 27 sent parcel on behalf of Mrs HSW
'LANCET' Thomas Wakley 142, 293, 307, 314. 142 HSW lent TW the shorthand notes from the Capper Tabloid Case; 293 [manuscript] TW thanked for permission to use article in Balfour'' report; 307 & 314 TW sent cable for HSW (asked for details of possible typhoid epidemic in Madeira).
Andrew LANG 90 re. Highland magic stone reported in Glasgow Herald.
Robert LANSING Carlton 42, 67 arrangements to meet with Mr Dickinson for 'a round amongst the book stalls', 67 refunded railway fares.
JW LAWRENCE, Coal Merchant, Kent 284, 347, 413 enc. cheques
Miss Mary Martin LEAKE 29 HSW expressed concerned at MML's poor health.
LEBENHAM & PEABODY 117, 489 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Charles LEE 254 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
Frank H LEE 208 ack. letter
H LEONARD 191 ?HSW apologised for poor service from BW&Co.
LESLEY & ROBERTS 96 enc. cheque
LEVENS SON & HOARE 262, 293, 398, 410-411, 430, 494, 495, 497, 498. re. rental of Stramshall Lodge, West Wickham, enc. cheques etc, also re. dispute over maintenance of house (electrical plant, house bells not working etc).
EL LEVETT 150 HSW thanked ELE for assistance re. Tabloid Case
LIBERTY & CO 254, 491 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW
Col CC LITTLE 153 re. CCL's visit to Dartford and WPRL.
Mrs LIVINGSTONE-BRUCE 390 enc. letters
J Uri LLOYD, Cincinnatti 434 re. patent.
LONDON CORSET CO 322 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
LONDON SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE 127, 189 re. address by Sir Patrick Manson, also HSW enc. donation to LSTM.
LONDON SHOE COMPANY LTD 152, 368 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW.
LORD MAYOR OF LONDON 198 requested tickets for Fiscal Policy address by Chamberlain at Guildhall.
LOTUS CLUB New York, 192 enc. subscription.

JYW MACALISTER, Royal Medical & Chirugical (sic) Society 422, 450, 469, 483 re. historical medical exhibition and meeting.
Peter MACEWAN 36 [faint, with bleeding from 37] re. a published letter.
AW MACKINNON, Zanzibar 471 ack. books on Tippoo Tib, also Historical Exhibition.
Grayson MADDERS 74 HSW sent best wishes.
Thos F MAIN 7 re. protection of trade marks
Sir Patrick MANSON 28, 31, 60, 73. HSW requested mtg; 73 HSW enc. Quinic Acid.
MAPLE & CO 106, 174, 271, 393 enc. cheques re. Mrs HSW's account, 174 re. John Foster
Reg H MARDON 207, 214 re. Rankin's request for donation.
MARKBY STEWART & CO to HS Brenton 129, 162, 167, 183, 235, 493; to WL Ford 136; to MS&Co 132, 182, 236, 259, 275, 305, 330, 338, 344, 352, 455 to Charles STEWART 130. Enc. cheques. Covers period of Tabloid Case (BW&Co v-v Capper). 129 130 132 & 136 Brenton, Stewart & Ford thanked by HSW for work Tabloid case; 162 HJF sent HSB silver kettle and stand; 183 fees paid to Robert Aiten, JT Barrett and FW Hunt; 235 re. appointment of Kings Counsel in Tabloid appeal; 259, 275, 305, 455 re. purchase of 'The Nest'; 330 Peter Boa's fee as witness; 352 re. payment of invoices;

Gustav MARCUSE, Germany 119, 161 HFJ sent him foreign stamps.
MARSHALL & SNELGROVE 88, 101, 216 re. storage and delivery of Mrs HSW's furs.
MARSHALL THOMPSON'S HOTEL 157, 188, 245, 256, 280 enc. cheques
CF MATIER donation to 8 Mark Benevolent Fund
Dr J MARTENSON, St Petersburg 8 re. 'prospects of chemical products in Russia'.
Sully MATTERN, Bilbao 21 re. mortars for HSW's collection.
JM MCLEOD, Freemason Hall 440 HSW unable to attend event re. RMIB.
F MEDHURST Ltd 347, 491 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW
WH MEIGGS 290 HSW was offered a letter signed by George Washington, referred WHM to various auction houses.
John MELLANBY 475 accepted JM's resignation from WPRL
AW MILL 141 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
MIRETTE et OIE 346 enc. cheque
Rev E MOORE, Canterbury 51 HSW reference for CJS Thompson to use the library.
'MORIEN' 430 re. Welsh medical history and HSW's historical exhibition
Huson MORRIS, Baker Morris & Co 246, 247, 266, 375, 476. re. 'the Nest' Hayes Common Kent inc. purchase of 2 cows.
J Fletcher MOULTON 148 HSW thanked JFM for support and assistance re. Tabloid Case
MULLER & CO 219 ack. letter.

'NATIONAL DRUGGIST' HR Strong 362-363 lengthy letter thanking HS for comments on recent trade mark [Capper] court case
NATIONAL WAIFS ASSOCIATION 490 enc. donation for Mrs HSW
NATIONAL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS ASSOCIATION, SE Strong, Ohio 164 enc. subscription Hyman NELSON 393 enc. cheque
Ralph NEVILLE KC 149 HSW thanked RN for his presentation of the Tabloid Case
AJ NEWBERY 465, 486 re. Historical Exhibition.
HJ NICOLL & CO 35, 242. re. cloth samples enc. cheque.
G NITSCHE, Lausanne 33, 44, 62, 71, 84, 93, 104, 124, 162, 179, 199. Repeated query by HSW over high cost of work by GN. Also to DUBOIS & VALLOTTON 94 re. same [N's solicitors]
GW NORTON 335 re. HSW's historical exhibition
Walter NUTTER 387 received Balfour's goods from Venice

OCEAN ACCIDENT CO 22, 463 enc. cheque re. policy 676840, also re. export bond 42094
OLD KING's ARMS CHAPTER, Freemason, 191, 250. Enc. subscriptions: 191 to R Clay Sudlow, 250 to EM Money.
Mrs OPPENHEIM 102 telegram for meeting with Mrs HSW
CG OPPERMAN, Henley 484, 496 enc. cheque re. purchase of water ewers and basins.
ORIENTAL FIBRE TOOTH BRUSH CO, Surrey 360 enc. order.
ORRIDGE LTD 25 enc. cheque

PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND, George Armstrong 79 HSW thanked GA for Jordan Water
Dr BH PAUL 190, 218 HSW turned down offer of medical equipment.
WJ PARKER-DOUGLAS 175 loaned HSW unnamed items for historical exhibition.
J PARKES 374 enc. cheque
SM PEARMAN 120 HFJ ack. letter.
C Saville PECK 407-408, 437, 459.407 [poor copy, very faint]; re. work of WPRL and Mr Perredes namely that the Laboratories and Chemists should be credited fully in any articles published after the Pharmaceutical Conference and Journal (with opportunity to proof read and amend errors), also Mr Dale.
Max PEMBERTON 342-343 [343 is the first page] manuscript, HSW declined offer to join a syndicate - limited himself to BW&Co.
PEPERELL, Sidmouth 412 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY, to Bemridge 200, 209, 394 enc. donations to Benevolent Fund and subscriptions
PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY to Mr Thos. S Weigand, Librarian 215, 429. 215 re. HSW being made 'Master of Pharmacy by college, also re. Metlakahtla; Also to Mahlon H Kline 243 HSW unable to attend reunion; 429 to C Carroll Meyer enc. subscription to alumni association
Madame PITT SMITH 332 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
PLYMOUTH & DISTRICT CHEMIST ASSOCIATION 113, 116 enc. cheque re. annual dinner.
HG POLLIT 261 ack. letter.
POOLE & LORD 490 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
PORTMAN ROOMS LTD 198 cancelled reservation of rooms for Scientific Exhibition.
POSTMASTER, West Wickham 356 complained re. late delivery of mail.
JC PRICE 333 ack. letter
PRINCIPAL MEDICAL OFFICER of the Egyptian Army, Cairo 56 re. apparatus for Balfour & Gordon College.
Sir John H PULESTON 190 re. congratulations on Tabloid case.

QUATOR CORONATION LODGE 154, 256 enc. subscription, unable to attend dinner [256 to WH Rylands]
George QUELCH 34 re. meeting

Henry RANKIN 336 re. dessicated extract of Malt.
RAYNES PARK LAUNDRY 102 enc. cheque
Frank REEVES Cranbrook 48 arranged mtg.
REVILLE & ROSSITER 370 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
Fred REYNOLDS 119, 140, 227, 257, 297. HSW ack. receipt of sketches.
John Morgan RICHARDS 186, 231, 255, 439, 466. 186 re. letter in 'Times'; 231 enc. copy of letter to WM Jackson (p.233); 255 enc. donation to Reedham Orphanage; 439 enc. extract from May 1904 Chemist & Druggist on Trade Marks;466 re. 'Photo Bits' Tabloid infringement.
ROBINSON & FISHER, [Auctioneers] 398 HSW interested in Massey-Mainwaring collection
Peter ROBINSON LTD 396 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
Sir J Remmill RODD 165 HSW requested permission for Dr Luigi Sambon to gain access to libraries and museums in Italy - to carry out research on tropical medicine for HSW.
ROSE & CO 361 enc. cheque
Major Ronald ROSS, Johnston Tropical Laboratory, Liverpool University 448 enc. donation to Trypanosoma investigation
ROYAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY 186 enc. subscription
ROYAL HOTEL, Ascot 390 re. HSW visit.
ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB 185 enc. subscription
ROYAL TEMPLE YACHT CLUB 187 enc. subscription
T RUSSELL 206 re. 'Floating Exhibition'
Wm RUSSELL, Greatchurch Street 264, 361 ack. letter, unable to meet.
RUSSELL & ALLEN 217 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.

Henry SADLER, Freemason's Hall 169 HSW requested return of lent item.
ME SADLER 401 WC&I, details of provision of technical classes provided by BW&Co, and HSW's views on small proportion who sat examinations.
SALISBURY CATHEDRAL, Librarian 42 HSW reference for CJS Thompson to use the library.
SALVATION ARMY, William Turner 208 enc. donation
SAMARITAN FREE HOSPITAL, TF Elton 280 enc. donation
Dr Louis SAMBON 143, 146, 202, 211, 244, 267, 279. Sambon appointed for 6 months for HSW's proposed Historical Medical Exhibition (to continue to give lectures at London School of Tropical Medicine); also re. permit for LS from British Embassy Rome.
Thomas Ernest SAUNT 180 Apologised to TES due to error in accounts department.
SAVAGE CLUB (to K Kennedy, EE Peacock or Mostyn J Pigott) 135, 155, 176, 182, 281, 351, 424. Enc. subscriptions, payments for dinners also 135 HSW requested specific seating at the Club dinner next to Chune Fletcher; 155 re. payment to Hotel Cecil; 281 donation to Peacock Presentation Fund.
SAVAGE CLUB MARK LODGE to Walter J Ebbets Freemason & CH Green 139, 270, 382 enc. subscription etc.
Frank SCHLOESSER 32, 302, 439, 454, 472. 32 FS requested meeting; 302 enc. copies of 'Anti-cutting Record' also PATA Year Book; enc. extract and press cuttings of interest; re. meeting of 'The Club' [Imperial Industries]
AF SCHWENK, Vermont, USA 241 deaths of Mr & Mrs RG Hardie, also re. masonic jewel
Sir Benjamin SCOTT, Carlisle 448 HSW congratulated him on recent 'honour'.
SCOTTS LTD 499 enc. cheque
LB SEBASTIAN 150, 318. 150 HSW thanked LBS for assistance re. Tabloid Case; 318 declined 'Odd Volumes' or Imperial Industries Club dinners.
Charles SHAPLAND 331, 348, 497 enc. cheques.
Dr WV SHAW 337 HSW accepted WVS's resignation.
William SHEPPERSON 144, 226 HSW thanked WS for interest in [Tabloid] Case
SHOOLBRED & CO 234, 350, 405, 419. re. storage of twelve cases of silver.
Dr SHORE, Newquay 464 S's fears re. bottle design.
W SHORE, Teignmouth 387 ack. letter
Alfred SLADE, Stramshall Lodge, West Wickham 367,369, 381,385 enc. cheque [household staff].
HR SMITH 77 HSW unable to purchase property
J Collett SMITH 238-239 manuscript, HSW pleased JCS safely arrived, enc. deed of partnership for counsel, HSW gave encouragement on forthcoming legal dispute.
WH SMITH & SONS 83, 236, 349, 488 enc. cheques
SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY 97, 231, enc. HSW's application and subscription to the society.
SOCIETY OF PUBLIC ANALYSTS 354 ack. receipt of list of members.
SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY, Secretary 97, 308, 330. Refund on unused railway tickets
Messrs E&FN SPON 383 ordered copy of 'Nile Irrigation' by William Wilcox.
Sir Henry M STANLEY 79 copy telegram from HMW on his christening, named for HMS.
Lady STANLEY, Richmond Terrace 460 [faint] confirmed delivery of boxes to LS.
Prof EH STARLING 399 HSW requested reference for Dale.
HF STEEDMAN 453 ack. receipt of 'Weekly Dispatch'.
F STEVENS, Garrick Theatre 94, 180 thanked for tickets.
VP STOELET, Montreux 121, 193-194 HSW described Sudan re. VPS possible visit to aid Tuberculosis recovery (climate, food, clothing, people, medical support)
SUN INSURANCE CO 306 [faint] asked for copy of proposal re. last policy HSW had taken out.

George J TAGG 451 reserved canoes for Henley Regatta
WE TAYLOR 122 HFJ ack. letter re. legal case [HSW busy with Capper Case]
Mrs Coombe TENNANT 379, 416, 427, 483 to Charles Coombe TENNANT 423. re. Mrs Livingstone Bruce and 'treatment of curios and valuable objects'
A TERZI, Southfields 306 [faint] enc. document for AT.
Frank THEED 391 re. price of [HM Stanley] statuettes
FV THEOBALD, British Museum (Natural History) 273, 295, 309, 328, 475. Report on mosquitos (sic) by FVT for HSW; enc. cheque for work connected with Gordon College Report.
TH THOMAS, Cardiff 201 re. Dr Pryce's collection and HSW's historical exhibition.
CJS THOMPSON 460 enc. cheque
R Campbell THOMPSON 108 HSW thanked RCT for 'The Reports of the Magicians & Astrologers of Ninevah & Babylon in the British Library', also re. RCT's Tabloid Medicine Case.
Dr TODD 462 re. book 'Mirakula Chymica' for Historical Exhibition.
AW TODD 463 re. meeting.
Mrs TRAIL-GREEN 465 re. Historical Exhibition.
TRINITY COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE Rev Dr Sinker 175 reference for CJS Thompson
TRUMPER, Sidmouth 412 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
GR TURNER MRCS 118 enc. cheque - fee for case.
TUSCAN ROSE CROIX, to Carl von Buchand and Gordon Smith 289, 291, 376, 383 subscriptions; HSW made Prelate of the TRC; enc. contribution to wedding gift.
Mrs B TUSSAUD 237 enc. cheque
Louis TUSSAUD 294 ack. letter
Charles J and Thomas TYRER 392 thanked in individual letters for support at the St Louis Exhibition

JC UMNEY [Freemason?] 160 enc. donation to Ransome Testimonial
UNITED STATES RADIATOR CO, Calver Gordon 292 ack. letter
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE [London] to F Gregory Foster 36, 51, 225, 423. 36 [faint] HSW turned down suggestion by University College due to demands on time; HSW donated 100 guineas (£105) to subscription for Chair of Pharmacology.

FC VAN DUZER 125, 134, 145, 158, 332, 334, 440. All re. American Society - Thanksgiving Banquet, Independence Day Banquet, Washington's Birthday, committee meetings and subscriptions. Except 145 - Hiram Mark Lodge subscription.
Mr VENIERIS, Omdurman, Sudan 445 re. photograph of Khartoum 445

Carl VON BUCK 126, 378 re. book on Congo.

WPRL 325 enc. copies of 'A Message to Garcia' for senior staff. [By Elbert Hubbrard, 1899, this was a staff, motivational text based on a message sent from the US President to Garcia in Cuba. An American classic, esp. for the military it was often reprinted.]
Mr WALKER 70 re. christening of Mouteney Wellcome at St Michael's Church
TA WALKER 98 re. potential house rental.
WALLAS & CO Chemists, 26 enc. cheque re. AJ Mounteney Jephson's account
WALLIS & CO 358 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
WALPOLE BROS 177 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
Herbert WARD 373 re. HM Stanley's funeral
HS WELLCOME from HFJ for BW&Co 64, 265. 64 to remind HSW to write to HFJ re. 'the decision of the American Commission and the Whitefriars Club' re. the Alaskan Boundary Commission; 265 mainly an update re. exhibition cases for St Louis;
Dr FH WELLCOME 446 personal letter re. visit to America also HSW asked to assist in valuing some land in Utah left by HM Stanley.
Rev GT WELLCOME 61, 139, 223, 285, 381, 486 [ctd LB6] enc. cheques for $200
WELLCOME CLUB & INSTITUTE 18, 22, 40, 47, 54, 67, 68, 85, 109, 116, 171,172, 252, 338, 355, 441, 466.
To James Brown, 116 Mrs HSW to open Arts & Crafts Exhibition.
To Francis H Carr 171, 338, re. 1904 Fete, inc. 'ladies part' also re. meeting
To F Stanley Clarke 172, 355, 441 WC&I photograph collection and club (outing on river).
To William Gray, 68, 252. 68 enc. cheque; 252 HSW congratulated WG upon winning Wellcome Photographic Club competition.
To EF Harrison 121, 173, 466 re. prize for photographs, also re. 'Llewellyn' [right hand of letter not copied, see 467]
To the Steward 54, provision of lunch for HSW and guests;
To FJW Thompson 18, 22, 40, 85, 109, sent items to the Oast House and Acacia Hall, inc. curio table, an Egyptian charm, 2 palm trees and 5 oak seedlings, also grapes from Dartford sent to HSW;
To Mr Workman 47, 67, 68 re. tools also enc. payments for HSW luncheons.

WHITEFRIARS CLUB 298, 310, 322, 351, 453 re. dinners, club funds etc.
WIGWAM CLUB, J Smalman Smith Secretary, 276, 319, 367, 479 unable to attend meetings - 479 able to attend dinner.
MJ WILBERT, Philadelphia 66 thanked MJW for copy of paper on Prof John N Maisch WILLAT & CO 269 reference for Frank Thloesser
Sir William WILLCOCKS, CAiro 310 HSW requested copy of lecture on Assouan Dam given by WW.
Dr Dawson WILLIAMS, British Medical Journal 26, 32, 48, 62, 68. HSW requested mtg;
Mr WILSON (Works) Dartford 433 HSW requested roses to be sent to his private address in future (Stramshall Lodge)
Oscar WILSON 301 enc. cheque for drawing
Sir Francis WINGATE 11 thanked for naming Gordon Laboratories after HSW
Selby WOOD & Son, Bromley 1, 2 hire of carriages.
WOLFE & SON 45, 78, 87, 314, 366 hired carriages for various days and visitors in London (78 re. HMW's christening)
AD WYATT Battlebro USA 23, 114, 428. re. photographic copies of Hardie's Washington portrait, enc. cheque.
A WYON, Regent St 13, 45, 92, 266. Ordered business cards and silver engraving re. HMW, enc. cheque.

James YOUNG 274 enc. cheque

ZAMBESI INDUSTRIAL MISSION, Robert Caldwell 76 re. case of Thomas Caldwell - HSW enc. 24 complimentary bottles of Kepler Malt.
ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY, Regents Park 43 ordered more undated admission tickets

EXECUTORS of Robert Gordon HARDIE, Battlebro' Vermont, USA 203-204. HSW requested details of provision for Mr & Mrs Hardie's son (both had recently died), offered to buy works by Hardie if offered for sale.


Aug 1903 - Jul 1904

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