Cholesterol is not the culprit : a guide to preventing heart disease / Fred A. Kummerow, Ph.D. with Jean M. Kummerow, Ph.D.

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Cholesterol won't kill you but trans fat could
Preventing heart disease


You will find a lot in this book related to diet and heart disease; it is the number one cause of death in the U.S. and throughout much of the world and also the focus of the majority of my career. To me, researching diet and heart disease is like being the detective in a good mystery book who follows clue after clue and finally comes up with an unexpected answer. The detective is always trying to find out who and what killed the person. Some detectives view cholesterol as the killer in heart disease, but I show you why that's not so. I hope in reading this book, you'll not only learn what is healthy to eat, but also why it is healthy to do so. How the body uses food to make what we need to keep going is an incredible, almost magical, process. We, as well as all animals and plants, are not programmed to live forever, but we can certainly increase the number of high quality years of life.-- Fred A. Kummerow. This is a newly updated edition of a book previously published as: Cholesterol Won't Kill You But Trans Fat Could: Separating Scientific Fact from Nutritional Fiction.--Author's description.


[United States] : Spacedoc Media, LLC, 2014.

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216 pages ; 22 cm


[Updated edition].


Originally published as: Cholesterol won't kill you but trans fat could : separating scientific fact from nutritional fiction.


Introduction -- Why the concern about cholesterol? -- Eating fat is good for you! (Provided it is not a "manufactured" trans fat) -- All proteins are not the same -- Cutting out carbs is not the answer to weight loss -- Your body needs fiber : your mother was right : eat your vegetables and fruits -- A multivitamin may do more harm than good : the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants you need (or don't) -- Following the government's "ChooseMyPlate" will not guarantee a healthy diet : the search for a well-balanced diet -- Preventing heart failure through better nutrition : my suggestions.

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 185-205) and index.


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