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Abnormal psychology across the ages / Thomas G. Plante, editor.

  • Plante, Thomas G.
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"In these three volumes, a team of scholars provides a complete history of abnormal psychology, demonstrating how concepts regarding disordered mental states, their causes, and their treatments developed and evolved across the ages"--


Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2013.

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3 volumes ; 25 cm.

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Includes bibliographical references and index.


volume 1. History and conceptualizations: Influences of the Greeks and Romans / Janet R. Matthews and Lee H. Matthews -- Perceptions, thoughts, and attitudes in the Middle Ages / Eva D. Papiasvili and Linda A. Mayers -- Abnormal psychology in the Renaissance / Diane E. Dreher -- From colonial constructs of abnormality to emerging indigenous perspectives / Mark S. Carlson -- The rise of abnormal psychology during the Progressive Era : reflections from an American scientific periodical / D. Brett King, . . . [and others] -- The ascent of psychiatry and psychology in 1800-1945 : multiple dimensions of mental conditions emerge / Eva D. Papiasvili and Linda A. Mayers -- Continuing explorations of the multiple dimensions of the human mind : 1950-2000 / Eva D. Papiasvili and Linda A. Mayers -- Reflections on psychiatry in the mid-20th century / Enoch Callaway -- A supernatural perspective on psychopathology / Phillip Brownell -- Film portrayal of psychopathology and its treatment / Brooke J. Cannon -- Historical perspectives on the nature versus nurture debate and where we stand today / Andrea Knestel, Amy Pitchforth, and Aaron J. Jeffrey -- Biological views / James W. Sturges -- Psychosurgery through the ages : from lobotomy to deep brain stimulation / Santiago Valenzuela Sosa and Genomary Krigbaum -- Through a cultural lens : psychopathology within and across borders / Alberto M. Bursztyn, Sarah Gathright Afonso, and Kimberly Black -- Parapsychology, sects, cults, and religious fundamentalism / Naji Abi-Hashem. -- volume 2. Disorders and treatments: Substance-related disorders : diagnosis, etiology, and treatment / Eric Klein -- History of psychosis / Daniel S. Lobel -- Anxiety disorders- a historical perspective / Bethany A. Gee, Heather K. Hood, and Martin M. Antony -- Somatoform disorders / Rudy Nydegger -- Mood disorders / Rudy Nydegger -- Dissociative disorders / Rudy Nydegger -- Advances in eating disorders / Kathleen K. Fitzpatrick, . . . [and others] -- Personality disorders : diagnostic developments and interventions / Kara Cattani and Cameron Staley -- Psychological disorders of children and adolescents : etiology, diagnosis, and treatment / Michael C. Roberts, . . . [and others] -- Childhood trauma : related disorders and treatments / Krista K. Fritson and Theresa A. Wadkins -- Neurofeedback / Gary J. Schummer -- Psychotherapy and psychopathology : cognitive-behavioral and Adlerian treatment strategies and interventions / Len Sperry and Jon Sperry -- Contemporary approaches to psychodynamic psychotherapy : from neutrality to empathy / Sheldon Siporin and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- Assimilating/Integrative : the case of contemporary Gestalt therapy / Phillip Brownell -- Multi-person therapies / Jerrold Lee Shapiro -- volume 3. Trends and future directions: The dilemma of abnormality / Steven James Barlett -- Modern views of mental illness : promoting integration and decreasing stigma / Lindsay A. Phillips -- The A-B-C's of psychopharmacology evaluation and treatment / Joseph N. DeLuca -- Psychometric foundations of assessment / Roger L. Greene and Sergio Ruano -- Complementary and alternative treatments for psychological wellness / Kathleen S. Brown and Jill Panos -- Child maltreatment, trauma-related psychopathology, and memory development / Deborah Alley, . . . [and others] -- Institutional child sexual abuse : what can we learn from the sexual abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church? / Thomas G. Plante -- Gender and women's issues / Carole A. Rayburn and Lee J. Richmond -- When is grief pathological? Past, present, and future perspectives / Lizabeth M. Eckerd and Kevin C. Simonson -- Shifting historical perspectives : examining the international occurrence of suicide / Hy Diep, . . . [and others] -- The cost of mental illness / Nicole M. Taylor and Emily Johnson -- Abnormal psychology across the ages : ethical considerations / Laurie Black, . . . [and others] -- Prevention in mental illness / Nicole M. Taylor and Maura L. Rouse -- Abnormal psychology in a multicultural context / Genomary Krigbaum -- A global perspective on the current state of abnormal psychology : trends, influences, and tensions / James L. H. Yu and Nathanael J. Okpych.



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