Oversize ephemera. EPH+45.

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Subject coverage includes: nursing, nurse training (1908), Royal College of Nursing (2009), souvenir paper napkin in remembrance of Edith Cavell, children's nurseries (1908), hospitals, Surrey Dispensary (1780s), Eastern Dispensary (1790s), London Hospital (1810s, 1910), a smallpox hospital near Abram Colliery (adverts for Bunter's Nervine for toothache, Kaye's Pills for indigestion and constipation, Pepper's Quinine and Iron Tonic are on the back), Bristol Royal Infirmary, King Edward VII Memorial Infirmary (Bristol 1912), a fund-raising garden party at "The Infirmary" (1908, possibly Manchester), Hospital for Smallpox & Inoculation anniversary invitation (23 April 1777), St. Andrew's Ambulance Association, Barrow and Furness Hospital mamagement committee public meetings (1960-1963), St. Bartholomew's Hospital (1882), Hospital for Sick Children (Great Ormond Street, London 1936), Menston Hospital, descriptive form for an isolation hospital for smallpox or Infectious diseases (1922), London Association for Hospital Services, Manchester and Salford hospitals and medical charities fund (1929), Royal General Dispensary for the Relief of the Sick Poor (Bartholomew Close, London), University College Hospital (fund-raising, London 1910), Hospital Ship Fund (London 1900), Hospital Ship Maine, Bath City Infirmary & Dispensary (1811), Royal Dispensary for Diseases of the Ear (1837), Albert and Victoria Hospital Aid Society (1915).

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1 folder ; 60 cm.


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