Intravenous anaesthesia (part two). No. 7.

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This film illustrates the scope of use for intravenous anaesthesia. The first section is entitled Continuous Drip Infusion . Like its companion film 4174D, Pentathol is used and promoted throughout. A patient is injected with the anaesthetic agent; a drip has been positioned. Surgery takes place on the perineum region. The next section is entitled Pentothal for ophthalmic operations . A female patient is prepared; Pentothal is injected, the syringe remains in place on her arm. Surgery proceeds on her eye. Gauging the exact required dosage for surgery to the eye when the patient must remain immobile is not for the inexperienced. The next section is entitled Pentothal for general manipulations . An unclothed female patient is shown. She is treated quite roughly. The next section is entitled Pentothal as a basal anaesthetic (i) Before nitrous oxide , if induction is required quickly when nitrous oxide is used. A mastectomy is performed on a female patient. (ii) Before regional anaesthetic. A middle-aged patient is shown; regional anaesthetic is given to her rear (she is rolled over). Pentothal for induction of anaesthesia (i) Before open ether. This removes some of the difficulties of the early stages of ether. Open drop ether anaesthesia is performed. (ii) Before nitrous oxide-oxygen-ether. An unconscious female patient is shown. The patient stirs and more nitrous oxide is given. Nitrous Oxide-oxygen pentothal is explained; this combination requires accurate flow meters to ensure accuracy of dosage. A mask is applied to a female patient and the surgical team await the Ok from the anaethetist to go ahead with surgery (an appendectomy) this is shown in detail. More pentothal is injected as the surgery commences whilst nitrous oxide maintains a consistent basal level. Her wound is sewn up. Her mask is removed. Recapitulation section; sharp needles, secure the arm, dosage, switch to an inhalation method during surgery, keep the anaesthesia light, keep the airways clear and check them don t use for operations on the mouth; don t use single handled or major surgery all are key to the successful use of Pentothal.


[Place of publication not identified], s.n.], [1944]

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2 film reelS (23:37 mins each): sound., black and white.; 16mm.

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Part of the film collection comprising of 55 items donated by Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics, Oxford, to the Wellcome Trust in 2008. In 1937, Lord Nuffield established a clinical chair of anaesthesia in Oxford amidst some controversy that anaesthesia was even an academic discipline. The collection is a mixture of clinical and educational films made or held by the department to supplement their teaching dating from the late 1930s onwards.
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Directed by Yvonne Fletcher, Photography by A. E. Jeakins, Editing by Gwen Baillie . Produced by Realist Film Unit. Made with the co-operation of the Department of Anaesthetics, Westminister Hospital, London.



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