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Haward, Lionel
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Offprints concerning stimulants and medical psychology written by Professor L. Haward. Titles include:

'Differential Modifications of Verbal Aggression by Psychotropic Drugs', S. Garattini, E. B. Sigg (eds)Aggressive Behaviour, Proceedings of the Symposium on the Biology of Aggressive Behaviour, (Amsterdam: Excerpta Medica, 1969)

'Subjective Variables in Electro-Physiological Recording', ACTA Biotheoretica, Vol. XVII, No.IV (1967)

'The Diagnosis of P.F.M.', The Optician, (Feb 1965)

'Hidden Factors in Drug Therapy', Clinical Trials Journal, (May 1965)

'The Differential Diagnosis of Toxic Depression in Pulmonary Tuberculosis', ACTA Tuberculosea Scandinavica, Vol. XXXIX, No.3 (1960)

'Barbiturate-Induced Hypnosis: A Golden Jubilee Review' British Psychological Society Bulletin, Vol.25 (1972)

'The Inadequacy of Anorexogenic Drugs in the Treatment of Obese Psychiatric Patients', Psychiat. Neurol., Basel, Vol.149, No.3 (1965)

'Effects of DPH (Sodium Diphenylhydanoinate) upon Concentration in Pilots', Revue de Medecine Aeronautique et Spatiale, No.46 (1973)

'A Quantitative Method of Studying Delusional Intensity', The British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol.110, No. 466 (May 1964)

'Art Preferences in Relation to a Therapeutic Environment', Medical World, (Oct 1964)

'Colour Associations as a Contributing Factor to Neurotic Colour Shock', The British Journal of Medical Psychology, Vol. XXVIII, Parts 2 and 3 (1955)

'Differential Inter-Drug Analysis: A Preliminary Study', The British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol.110, No. 467 (Jul 1964)

'Psychotropic medication and peptic ulcer', ACTA Gastr-Enterologica Belgica, Vol. XXVIII (1965)

'Monocular Vision: Some Neurological Aspetcs', The Optician,Vol.139 (1960)

'Loud: But Not Noisy: some observations on what makes a noise annoying, with special reference to motorcar horns,' The Motor, (Nov 1953)

'Analysing the Architect', Building, (Oct 1953)

'Some Psychological Aspects of Accountancy', Accountancy-32 (nd)

'The Optic Nerve as an Anxiety-Indicator', The Optician, (May 1953)

'Use of Wire in Psychological Apparatus: some ideas from the Netherlands', The Wire Industry, (Jun 1953)

'Bio-Electric and Lunarcyclic Phenomena: some revelations of medical research', Electrical Review, (Jul 1953)

'New Light on Latency: a recent theory on latent image formation', Chemist and Druggist, (Mar 1953)

'Tetraethylthiuram Disulphide: a review of its therapeutic uses and dangers' (nd)

'Design of Pushbuttons: ergonomic factors in control arrays' (nd)

Undated press cutting relating to L. Haward's view of patients painting

'Helping Children to Read', (nd)

'Language and Learning-Reading Comprehension as a test of general language ability', (nd)

'Flying by Periscope', Flight, (Sep 1953)

'The Industrial Optician', The Optician, (Sep 1953)

'How Consumers' Reaction to Colours can be Measured and Predicted', Advertiser's Weekly, (Apr 1952)

'Psychology and Human Affairs', (nd)

Copy of letters published in The Lancet, Dec 1956 and Jan 1957, in response to L. Haward's letter regarding a simple selective test for nurses

'The Neatness Queen: US restaurant chain promotes contest', C.A. Bulletin, (Oct 1953)

'Amylobarbitone to detect brain disease', Chemist and Druggist, (Oct 1953)

'Appreciation of Workers Problems Raises Output', (nd)

'Making a Chronograph', Newnes Practical Mechanics, (Jun 1953)

'Tachistoscopes for Inspection Training', Mass Production, No.43 (Sep 1953)

'Finding Suitable Men for the Bench', Silversmith, (Sep 1953)

'Textile Colour Changes Under Artificial Light', The Textile Manufacture, (Sep 1953)

'Extra-Cultural Influences on drawings of the Human Figure by African Children', Ethnos, Nos.3-4 (1956)

'Assessment of Reading Ability', Nursing Times, (Dec 1957)

'Alveolar Carbon Dioxide Analyser', British Medical Journal, (1958) [unknown case history pasted upon the back]

'Colour and Reaction time, with special reference to Neurotic Patients', (1955) [other articles pasted on the back of some pages]

'Scale Setting Controls: some psychological aspects of manipulation', Instrument Practice, (Dec 1953)

'Isoniazid: a note on some limitations in its use', Chemist and Druggist, (1954)

'Substance M', Chemist and Druggist, (Jul 1954)

'Thematic Apperception Analysis as a Forensic Technique', c.1964

'Hearsay and Psychological Reports', Bp388-Bulletin, No.9 (nd)

'Some Inter-Cultural Differences on the Draw-a-Man Test: Goodenough Scores', Man, (1954) with updated paper on same subject, Mar 1955

'Some Psychological Aspects of Oral Evidence', British Journal of Criminology, (Apr 1963)

'Onward from Galen', Chemist and Druggist, (1966)

Two unidentified offprints concerning Tutor's skill and Nursing training

'Some Psychometric Characteristics of Lorazepam Responders', WJP, (1976)

'Medical Briefing: High G Injuries' (nd)



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