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Acu-moxa chart: renmai (the Director Vessel), Chinese

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view Acu-moxa chart: renmai (the Director Vessel), Chinese


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Credit: Acu-moxa chart: renmai (the Director Vessel), Chinese. Wellcome Collection. In copyright

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The names of the acu-moxa locations of renmai (the Director Vessel, also translated as Conception Vessel) are inscribed on a human figure. Renmai is one of the Eight Extraordinary Channels (qi jing ba mai). It originates at the huiyin (Convergence of Yin) point, in the perineum, and terminates at the chengjiang (Receiving Fluids) point, in the lower lip. For a list of point names, see 'Lettering'.



Picture title: Renmai (Director Vessel). Other lettering (point names): Huiyin (Convergence of Yin); qugu (Curved Bone); zhongji (Middle Pole); guanyuan (Pass to the Origin); shimen (Stone Portal); qihai (Sea of Qi); yinjiao (Yin Intersection); shuifen (Water Separation); xiawan (Lower Wrist) [for xiawan, Lower Cavity]; jianli (Strengthen the Interior); zhongwan (Middle Cavity); shangwan (Upper Cavity); juque (Great Watchtower); jiuwei (Turtledove Tail); zhongting (Central Courtyard); danzhong (Chest Centre); yutang (Jade Hall)


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