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"The physician's verdict". Oil painting by Emile Carolus Leclercq, 1857.

Leclercq, Emile-Carolus, 1827-1907.

About this picture


The physician's hat, gloves and cane are shown in the background, right. The physician, seated on the right, reaches across the cradle of a sick infant to clasp the wrist of the young mother, who sits on the left. The father is not shown One of several nineteenth-century paintings (of which Luke Fildes' 1891 painting 'The doctor' in Tate Britain is the best known British example) that take the theme of the physician attending a patient and turn it into a puzzle picture: they invite the viewer to share the feelings of the people in the picture and ask "Will the physician's verdict be good or bad?". The choice of subject reflects the fact that prognosis has a large role in traditional western medicine



Physical description

1 painting : oil on canvas ; canvas 71.2 x 87.7 cm



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