Electrotherapy & vibrators ephemera. Box 1.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes leaflets advertising a variety of devices which supply vibration and electrical therapy: Sanofix (hand vibrator : Electricitätsgesellschaft Sanitas, 1913 : From the Edgar Cyriax collection), James Barker (99 Regent Steet, London : ca. 1904) and his Barker Massage Machine, Cox-Cavendish Electrical Company (1924) Ltd.'s Charles Cahier system of massage, x-ray and electro-medical apparatus (1933), Pifco Vibratory Massager (1960s?), Stanley Cox Ltd.'s vibrators (Sanex, improved Power Vibrator), Ajax Dry-Cell electric system (Crystal Palace exhibition, 1907), Pulvermacher's Hydro-Electric Chain (Charles Meinig, 103 Leadenhall Street, London : ca. 1851?), Electropoise for rheumatism, indigestion, nervous disorders, neuralgia, insomnia, paralysis, liver & kidney troubles, constipation, asthma, eczema, influenza (Electrolibration Company, 407 Oxford Street, London : 1895?), Tsubo massage chairs (Colebrand Healthcare Products), micro-element therapy (Maya Kraus), A.M. Richardson's Batterie Magnéto-Galvanique medallions, William Ruck's medical galvanic apparatus (Montpellier Baths, Cheltenham), William Moody Bell's trusses, bandages, enemas, galvanism and electricity, Gloucester Spa mineral waters, Pall Mall Electric Association's Electropathic Belt, Anti-Mal de Mer (sea-sickness pills), Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush (cures headache), Electropathic Belts, Electropatent socks (for gout, sciatica and rheumatism), Dr. Scott's Electric Corsets, London Galvanic Generator, Dr. Scott's Electric Flesh Brush (analgesic qualities), the Medical Battery Company Limited (1895), W. Hardy (professor of electricity, Harrogate), Darlow & Co.'s analgesic Magnetine appliances, Harness's system of electropathic treatment at the Electropathic and Zander Institute (52 Oxford Street, London), Pulvermacher's patent portable Hydro-Electric Chain (for all acute nervous pains), Magneto-Electric Battery Company's Electro-Magnetic Socks (for healthy circulation and warm feet), Dr. Carter Moffat's Electric Body Belt, Dr. Lowder's Magneto-Electric Battery : Magneto-Electric Battery Company (worn as a medallion around the neck for indigestion, neuralgia, tooth ache, headache, nervous debility, skin diseases, rheumatism, bronchitis, heart disease), Grimstone's Eye Snuff for cholera : G.H. Boutell (professor of galvanism : 1848), Fetouris International's Biotone phototherapy unit, Health Through Technology, Audio Ltd.'s Omega One skin resistance meter and E.E.G. measurement, Biofeedback and psychotechnics, Adimpex's AmperPlast (pain relief patches), British Institute of Auriculotherapy, Magno Heal (magnetic therapy and pain relief), Chattanooga Vibrator Instrument Company (1903) treating hemiplegia, chronic synovitis, deafness, vomiting, rheumatism, albuminuria, varicose veins, Stanley Cox's 'Eclipse' radiant heat hand lamp and Intertherm Diathermy apparatus (1929) and G. Duflot's (of Paris) Thermasix 'Ondes courtes' device for electric therapy and other diagnostic procedures (1938), Advanced Healing Therapies (Binley Woods, Coventry, 2011), the Savage Health Motor (ca.1930), the Veedee portable electrical massage device (1915), Trojan high-frequency (violet-ray) electrical outfits, 4 poster stamps (ca. 1910) from a sheet of at least 18 advertising the Sanax Vibrator, Bookmark for G. Duflot's electrotherapy and actinotherapy (17 Rue Maurice Meyer, Paris), 'Magnetic curative appliances' : Magnetoline (Darlow & Co., 443, Strand, London : postcard : February 1876).

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.



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