Astrology: Before 1500

c. 1500
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Astronomical and astrological notes and tables. This manuscript is a hand-book of data and rules for the application of astrology to medical treatment. Notes on cupping and blood-letting, lucky days, etc. In Italian and Latin by various hands.

Pen-drawn figures on ff. 9r, 13r; 13v, 'Sfera'; 21v, 46r-48r, Eclipses of the moon 1485-1530, roughly coloured; 48v, 59r, Dominical letter; 59v, Golden Number 1496.


1. f. 1r Date 1484.

2. ff. 2r-5v Medical receipts in Italian.

3. f. 6 [On cupping] Le uentose si siuolgiano pore quando la luna e piena e in ne lo hora di terza optima...f. 9v Lvna. [Q]uesto sie l'ordene e la rasone di caua re sangue da ogni uena ...

4. Astronomical and astrological notes.

f. 14r Incipit tractatus Kalendarii mensis Ianuarii et earum significationes per singulos annos subtilliter inuentus per astrologos. In illo anno. quo Kalendae Ianuarii…

f. 15r Ad inueniendum planetam regentem.

f. 16r Incipit capitula de naturis et virtutibus et artibus planetarum.

f. 20r Incipit tractatus de horis planetarum.

f. 27r De signis stellarum et cursus earum. Duodecim sunt signa…

f. 35r Del mese de zinaro.

f. 37r [De luna et signis zodiaci, de horis, etc.]

f. 43v Miller's [?] accounts dated 1538: in Italian.

ff. 46r-48r Eclipses of the moon, 1484-1530

f. 49r Perche alcuni se delectano de sapere la imita cione o ueramente la renouacione de la luna...

f. 59v Dominical Letter and Golden Number, dated 1496

ff. 62r-63v De complexione signorum.

f. 62r Aries primum signum et est cauendum caput et facies ... f. 63v In eius infirmitates conuenit tunc medicare negamus. Finis

5. ff. 65r-68r Lucky and unlucky days: in Italian, based on the planets and natal days.


c. 1500

Physical description

1 volume 68 ll. 4to. 21 x 15 cm. Modern vellum binding. Piece torn out of the first leaf: some damp stains.

Acquisition note

Purchased 1936.

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Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).


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