Pharmacy labels ephemera. Box 7.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes labels for: Cary Cocks and Roper (Man of Ross House, Ross)'s rose hair oil, strong mercurial ointment, tasteless seidlitz powder, Gregory's powder, vinegar, voice jujubes, Leamington sauce, Compound essence of linseed & aniseed (coughs and colds : H.B. Chaplin, 37 Sandgate High Street, Folkestone), Chemische Pharmische Laboratorium's Edelbalsam for nits (E. Dost, Gräfenberg), W.H. Chenery's essence of heliotrope (Tavern Street, Ipswich), Citizens Pharmacy (Brenham, Texas : castor oil, glycerin, spirit of ammonia, oil of turpentine), J. Clark (Bridge Street, Spalding), James Cockle's Compound antibilious pills (New Ormond Street, London), Coleman (surgeon, accoucheur, 110 St. James's Street, Brighton), Columbia Laboratories and Columbia Pharmacy (Spokane, Washington), Octavius Corder (Tyne Street, North Shields)'s Aperient antibilious pills, aromatic tincture of quinine & orange peel, concentrated essence of Jamaica ginger, Dr. Gregory's stomachic powder, essence of cinnamon, essence of cloves, essence of nutmeg, essence of peppermint, Expectorant balsam, extract of lemon, fine Bermuda arrowroot, cod liver oil, permanent ink, lemon and kali for saline draughts, nutritive hair pomade, vegetable extract or hair wash, T.C. Cornwell (Hanley)'s Bismuth, magnesia and soda-mint elixir, codeine linctus, vinegar, Miles Coward (117 High Street, Lowestoft)'s skin lotion, gargle, laxative elixir, lumbago drops, oil of aniseed, Nutritive Marrow Cream for the hair (Cox & Robinson, Stony Stratford), J. Cox & Son (36 Watergate, Grantham)'s acetic acid, almond flavour, ammoniated tincture of quinine, camphorated oil, chlorodyne (poison), Cox's Corn Cure, Dosolanum (antiseptic foot powder).

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.



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