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A bungee cord is compared to the rubber of a condom, both representing life-savers; part of the Alberta HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns for young adults. Lithograph by Clint Adam Smyth and Ad Design.

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This is a bungee cord. It is made of rubber, and it will save your life when you take that adrenaline-pumping plunge into the great unknown. This is a condom. Abstinence remains an option. This message was created by the Advertising Agency as part of the Alberta HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns for Young Adults. For more information on the campaigns, call the Alberta AIDS Program at 403-427-0836. Concept by Young and Rubicam Advertising, Calgary. Photo by Clint Adam Smyth. Production by Ad Design. Funded under the National AIDS Strategy, Health Canada, in partnership with Alberta Health and the Canadian Public Health Association. For more copies: National AIDS Clearinghouse, Canadian Public Health Association, 1565 Carling, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8R1, Tel: (613) 725-3769, Fax ...


    Credit: Wellcome Collection

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