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1. Alexander MacAlister - Letter to Charles Arthur Pilson, Birmingham University Christian Union, stating that he is unable to take on extra commitments due to existing commitments, 10 September 1907.

2. Jeremiah MacArthy - Two letters to James Shuter on the Stone Testimonial Committee, 31 July, 11 September.

3. James MacArtney - Letter to the Reverend Professor Henslow, wishing to communicate a short paper containing new facts with regard to the nervous system, as well as the natural history of the toad, 26 May 1833.

4. James MacAuley - Letter to Mrs MacKenzie proposing to use her paper on "Indian Homes" in an edition of Sunday at Home, 21 January 1877.

5. David McBride - Signature

6. Sir William MacCormac - Note to an unnamed recipient declining an invitation, 27 July 1900; letter to Sir Peter Eade regarding a subscription, 27 May; letter to Thornton, 8 June; letter to Mr Jaffe, advocating a trip to the Cape for a patient of his, 21 October.

7. James McCosh - Letter to an unnamed recipient complaining about Irish ministers begging in Scotland, 3 March 1863.

8. John MacCulloch - Letter to William Phillips regarding his classification of rocks, n.d.; letter to Owen Rees concerning sales of his work on wine and malaria, 9 March; letter to Owen Rees enquiring about his book on fever, n.d.

9. John Ramsay MacCulloch - Two letters to Mr Huntsman or Mr Angers asking them to send copies of his pamphlet to the Bank Of England, 8 February, and asking them to send a copy of Coplands Medical Dictionary to his brother in law, 15 June 1835; note to Mr Ramsay, Stationary Office, 6 May 1840.

10. William MacDonald - Letter to Thomas Madden Stone regarding his son's graduation, 24 December 1862.

11. J. MacDonnell - Two letters to William B. Costello on plans to devote himself to drawing fractures and apparatus, 24 April 1840, 17 May 1840.

12. Henry J. MacDougall - Letter to Thomas Madden Stone requesting good monographs on paraplegia in English or French, 17 July 1850.

13. John MacFarlane - Letter to Dr J. B. Costello explaining that he has been unable to supply article for the Cyclopaedia due to the busyness of his practice, 30 December 1842.

14. William MacGillivray - Letter to an unknown recipient thanking him for the trouble taken on his behalf respecting the Mollusca, 16 December 1843.

15. Robert MacGregor - Letter to an unnamed recipient asking for a certificate "on account of the favourable manner in which you have noticed my paper on diabetes in your recent publication," and giving details of his career, 4 April 1840.

16. George MacIlwain - Two letters to the President and Council of the Royal College of Surgeons concerning his name being passed over for election to the Council, 8 June 1843; three letters to Thomas Madden Stone regarding the second edition of his Memoirs of John Abernethy, 1853.

17. Charles MacIntosh - Letter to an unnamed recipient regarding a meeting of the patentees of the hot blast, 11 October 1841.

18. William MacIntyre - Letter to an unnamed recipient concerning an investigation of albuminuria and its relation to chemical pathology, 2 August 1845.

19. James Townsend MacKay - Letter to Mr Shepherd, Curator of the Liverpool Botanic Garden, asking for an exchange of plants, 17 June 1820.

20. Ian MacKenzie - Letter to Dr Gordon, regarding posts he is applying for at Guy's and in Glasgow, 14 June 1946.

21. R. H. MacKenzie - Two letters to Thomas Madden Stone, concerning his collection of autographs, 9 July 1844, 27 August 1883.

22. Sir Stephen MacKenzie - Letter to Mrs Innes regarding the health of her daughter, who has a cough, 11 June 1897.

23. William MacKenzie - Note to Longman and Co publishers regarding sending copies of his work on the eye to Mr Khull, 5 April 1833.

24. Sir William Alexander MacKinnon - Letter to an unnamed recipient regarding publishing a manuscript of hers, 26 February; note to Manly Sims saying that he will endeavour to do all he can for Dr Williams, 22 November 1893.

25. Sir James MacKintosh - Letter to Mr Staples, Chief Clerk, Union Hall, Clapham regarding the robbery of his manservant on Clapham Common, 5 November 1829; note to an unnamed recipient about a meeting at the House of Commons on the Madras registrar Bill, 17 June 1830.

26. Jacobus MacLaurin - Signature.

27. Sir Thomas MacLear - Letter to William Bond, director of Harvard College Observatory, 11 March 1862.

28. Alfred Henry McClintock - Letter to "Barnes" about his "clinical memoirs on diseases of women," 9 February 1863.

29. Daniel MacLise - Letter to Sir Joseph Francis Olliffe saying that he has been unable to procure an entry to see the frescos as the Prince wishes to keep them as secret as possible until they have been completed, n.d.

30. Gilbert Wakefield MacMurdo - Letter to Thomas Madden Stone, 9 July.

31. Nottidge Charles MacNamara - Five letters to J. Stone, Wimbledon, dated between 22 June 1883 and 20 July 1883.

32. Henry MacNaughton-Jones - Letter to Dr C. E. Finny regarding a patient, 18 February 1906.

33. Hugh McNeile - Letter to J. S. Phillips declining a dinner invitation, 9 June 1841.

34. Sir John Benjamin MacNeill - Letter to Samuel Homes inviting him to visit, 10 May 1851.

35. Sir John McNeil - Letter to Lord Napier inviting him to dinner, 5 December 1856.

36. D. McNichol - Letter to his wife on domestic matters, 2 August 1834.

37. Robert MacNish - Letter to an unnamed recipient acknowledging that the receiver of the letter was not responsible for spreading a story about the author, 24 December 1834.

38. Alexander MacOnochie - letter to E. Magrath stating that he will not be able to give him copies of their new matter until Monday, 19 July 1830.

39. Hugh MacPherson - Two letters to "Thompson." The first describes a voyage to India taken by his son, dated 3 December 1827. The second letter discusses Thompson's education, dated 3 April 1829.

40. Hugh Martin MacPherson - Note to James Shuter regarding his subscription to the Stone Testimonial, 14 September 1882.

41. George R. McRobert - Note to "My dear General" praising a book chapter, 10 November 1951.

42. Andrew Melville McWhinnie - Copy letter to the Governors of St Bartholomew's Hospital asking for their support, 17 April 1854; four letters to Thomas Madden Stone, dated 1860-1862.

43. Sir Frederick Madden - Letter to Francisque-Xavier Michel congratulating him on his marriage, August 1840.

44. Richard Robert Madden - Letter to an unnamed recipient enquiring whether a Thomas Naish is a licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons, 14 April 1866; undated note.

45. Thomas More Madden - Letter to Thomas Madden Stone mentioning his expectation that cholera will soon reach Dublin, 27 August 1867.

46. William Maginn - Dinner invitation to an unnamed person, 28 May 1830.

47. Sir John Pentland Mahaffy - Letter to professor Wilhelm Stricker introducing a friend who is on his way to Vienna and wants advice on his eyes, n.d.

48. Robert Main - Letter to an unnamed recipient declining to take a new journal for the Radcliffe Observatory, 31 March 1831.

49. Sir Henry James Sumner Maine - Letter to Dr Rost asking for a reader to aid his studies in view of his bad eyesight, 26 January 1877.



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Acquisition note

Purchased from Puttick & Simpson, June 1921 (acc.67261); Probably purchased from Sotheby's, London, 31st July 1924 (acc.92299); Purchased from Foster's, December 1925 (acc.67422); Puttick & Simpson, London, February 1928 (acc.47399); Charavay, Paris, October 1928 / April 1929 (acc.63700); Presented by H.J. Fuller, May 1929 (acc.91885); Purchased from Stevens, London, August 1930 (acc.63382), August 1930 (acc.63313), September 1930 (acc.73073); Sotheby's, London, February 1931 (acc.56327); Stevens, London, March 1931 (acc.56474), (acc.68130), (acc.68126); Hodgson's, London, June 1931 (acc.80890); Sotheby's, London, July 1931 (acc.57468); Stevens, London, August 1931 (acc.68231), October 1931 (acc.68266), November 1931 (acc.68279); Glendining, London, March 1932 (acc.67624); October 1932 (acc.67726); Heck, Vienna, December 1932 (acc.65572); Sotheby's, London, April 1933 (acc.67461), November 1933 (acc.67469); Glendining, London, August 1934 (acc.67910); Steadman, Newcastle, February 1935 (acc.67420); Glendining, London, March 1935 (acc.68454), (acc.68472); Presented by Mme. Jaffé, Nice, March 1938 (acc.56999); Transferred from Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, c.1939 (acc.91800); Purchased from Mrs. Watson, Burnley, March 1945 (acc.72200), presumably once part of the Thomas Madden Stone autograph collection; E.Hall, Gravesend, circa January 1965 (acc.311503); Winifred A. Myers, London, June 1992 (acc.348957); Provenance details not recorded (acc.67430); Accession details not recorded for nos 4, 20, 25 (part), 41.

Biographical note

Alexander MacAlister (1844-1919), professor of zoology, University of Dublin, 1869; professor of anatomy and chirurgery, Dublin, 1877; professor of anatomy, University of Cambridge, 1888.

Jeremiah MacArthy (1836-1924), house surgeon at the London hospital, 1868, later lecturer in physiology and surgery.

James MacArtney (1770-1843), anatomist. Apprenticed as surgeon in Dublin, studied at the Hunterian School of Medicine and at Guy's, St. Thomas's and St. Bartholomew's hospitals, London. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1811.

James MacAulay (1817-1902), editor of the Literary Gazette, The Leisure Hour, and Sunday at Home. Founder of the Boy's Own Paper and the Girl's Own Paper.

David McBride (1727-1778), physician.

Sir William MacCormac (1836-1901), surgeon. President of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1896-1900.

James McCosh (1811-1894), philosopher. Professor of logic, Queen's College Belfast, 1851-1868, president of Princeton College, New Jersey, 1868-1888, and professor of philosophy at Princeton, 1868-1894.

John MacCulloch (1773-1835), geologist. President of the Geological Society, 1816-1817, elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, 1820. Commissioned to produce a geological map of Scotland, which appeared after his death.

John Ramsay MacCulloch (1789-1864), statistician and political economist. Editor of 1818-1820, professor of political economy at London University, 1828-1832.

William MacDonald (fl. 1835-1862). Elected a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1835.

J. MacDonnell (fl. 1840).

Henry J. MacDougall (fl. 1844-1850). House surgeon to University College Hospital, translator of Lallemand on Spermatorrhoea.

John MacFarlane (fl. 1816-1842). Physician to Garngad House lunatic asylum.

William MacGillivray (1822-1867), ornithologist. Author of Rapicious Birds of Great Britain.

Robert MacGregor (1810-1855). Fellow of the faculty of physicians and surgeons, Glasgow, 1837; lecturer in chemistry, Portland Street School of Medicine; physician to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

George MacIlwain (1797-1882), medical writer. One of the original 300 Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons, surgeon to the Finsbury Dispensary, St. Anne's Society Schools and the City of London Truss Society. Best remembered for his book Memoirs of John Abernethy: with a view of his lectures, writings, and character.

Charles MacIntosh (1766-1843), chemist and inventor of waterproof fabrics.

William MacIntyre (1791/2-1857), physician to Western General Dispensary, and the Metropolitan Convalescent Institution.

James Townsend MacKay (1775-1862), botanist. Curator of the Trinity College Dublin botanical garden, 1806-1862.

Ian MacKenzie (fl. 1946), University of Edinburgh department of Surgery.

R. H. MacKenzie (fl. 1844-1883). Studied at Barts with Sir James Paget, 1832-1834.

Sir Stephen MacKenzie (1844-1909), physician. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of England, 1879, physician at the London Hospital and London Ophthalmic Hospital. Brother of Sir Morrell MacKenzie.

William MacKenzie (1791-1868), ophthalmic surgeon. Surgeon oculist to the Queen in Scotland.

Sir William Alexander MacKinnon (1830-1897), Director-General Army Medical Department and Honorary Surgeon to the Queen.

Sir James MacKintosh (1765-1832), jurist, politician and historian. Member of Parliament for Nairn, and for Knaresborough; Recorder of Bombay, 1804-1811.

Jacobus MacLaurin (1765-1804), author of Tentamen physiologicum inaugurale, de fluxus menstrui indole causisque.

Sir Thomas MacLear (1794-1789), astronomer. Royal astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope, 1834-1870; Fellow of the Royal Society, 1831.

Alfred Henry McClintock (1822-1881), obstetrician. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1844.

Daniel MacLise (1806-1870), historical painter.

Gilbert Wakefield MacMurdo (1799-1869). Surgeon to Newgate Jail, elected Assistant Surgeon Royal Ophthalmic Hospital; Fellow of the Royal Society, 1839; Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1843.

Nottidge Charles MacNamara (1832-1918). Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1875; Civil Surgeon at Mirzapur; professor of ophthalmic surgery, Calcutta Medical School.

Henry MacNaughton-Jones (1844-1918). Sub editor, British Gynaecological Journal.

Hugh McNeile (1795-1879), Dean of Ripon.

Sir John Benjamin MacNeill (c.1793-1880), civil engineer. Professor of civil engineering at Trinity College Dublin, 1844-1852.

Sir John McNeill (1795-1883), diplomat. Surgeon to the East India Company's Bombay establishment.

D. McNichol (fl. 1834). Doctor in Liverpool.

Robert McNish (1802-1837), physician and author.

Alexander MacOnochie (1787-1860). Secretary to the Royal Geographical Society and professor of geography at University College London.

Hugh MacPherson (fl. 1806-1829). Professor of Greek, King's College Aberdeen.

Hugh Martin MacPherson (1820-1902). Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1867; deputy inspector-general of hospitals, 1870.

George R. McRobert (fl. 1951).

Andrew Melville McWhinnie (1807-1866), anatomist and general surgeon. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1843; developed the skin hospital at Blackfriars along with James Startin.

Sir Frederick Madden (1801-1873), antiquary and palaeographer. Keeper of Manscripts, British Museum, 1837-1866.

Richard Robert Madden (1798-1886), writer. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1855.

Thomas More Madden (1844-1902), gynaecologist. Master of the Dublin lying-in hospital.

William Maginn (1793-1842), poet, journalist and writer.

Sir John Pentland Mahaffy (1839-1919), classical scholar, known for his works on ancient Greece.

Robert Main (1808-1878), astronomer. Fellow of the Royal Society, 1860. Director of the Radcliffe Observatory.

Sir Henry James Sumner (1822-1888). Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India, 1871.

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