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A gynaecological physician seducing a patient. Colour lithograph, 1852.

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The obstetric M.D., who makes the diseases of women his particular study Contains dialogue: Lady. "-Oh, what would my husband say to this, dear doctor." Doctor. "Say! why, what can he say? am I not a professional man? have I not lectured at the hospitals, and written a book on this branch of my profession? You know the old French proverb, 'Ce n'est que le premier pas qui coute.' Only let me have one examination, and you will not think any thing more about it." Lady. "-Well, I suppose I must submit, though I must say it looks indelicate; but don't say anything to my husband about it. According to Mr. Morison's system of medicine, I understand that such examinations are strongly condemned, as quite unnecessary, inasmuch as every person should be his own physician." [Doctor:] How pretty you look, this morning. You know, my dear madam, that I have made the diseases of your sex my particular study, I have invented a new instrument, which I call a speculum, by which I can at once see what is the matter with you; therefore, if you will lie on that sofa, I will proceed to examine you."


Credit: Wellcome Collection

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