The life of poo ; or why you should think twice about shaking hands (especially with men) / Adam Hart.

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Why you should think twice about shaking hands (especially with men)


Poo! Most of us don't really like to talk about it. In fact, many of uswould probably rather it didn't exist at all, or at least if it must existcould it not be more pleasantly fragranced? In Origin of Faeces,Adam Hart explores this most unmentionable of subjects and thehidden world of bacteria - a microscopic horde that has profound,unexpected, sometimes unpleasant, but often beneficial effects onour health, wealth and well-being - taking the reader on ahumorous, inspiring and myth-busting journey from the poo inyour toilet to the cutting-edge of scientific understanding. Whetheryou are brushing your teeth, having sex, suffering from an irritablebowel, battling with Crohn's disease, worrying about too little ortoo much hygiene, coping with asthma, cleaning your bathroom,following the 2-second rule, debating the 5-second rule, guzzlingprobiotics or just sitting on the toilet, this book is for you.


London : Kyle Books, 2015.

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