Drug advertising ephemera. Box 61.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes material advertising: Streptets (Pharyngitis), Thiomerin diureic (oedema), Aludrox antacid, Equanil (sleep disorders), Serenid-D (anxiety), Mucaine (heartburn), Havapen (penicillin), Joseph Keller (7th Avenue, New York) and his Keller's Sure Cure for Diphtheria and Croup (which also cured mumps, pleurisy, pneumonia, stone, sprains, burns, sore nipples and dog bites), 2 series of facsimile gold brass rubbings of "ancient knight"s advertising Kabi Pharmaceuticals Ltd.'s Cetiprin (urinary incontinence), issued in 1971, Espasmopaver (antispasmodic), Gotavital (Juste, S.A., 1960) vitamin supplement, Isadin (sleep disorders), Mucidan expectorant (cough, 1934?), Bioferin (tonic), Kaputine (headache), Kaylene-Ol (influenza, arteriosclerosis, colitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, 1929), Magsorbent antacid (dyspepsia, hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcer), Kearsley's (the original widow Welch's) Female Pills (anaemia, menstrual disorders, menopause - from 1787, certificate of merit 1891), Watt's (Sir Richard Jebb's) Stomachic Aperient Pills (constipation, bilious complaints, yellow fever, jaundice, dyspepsia, flatulence, 1866, est. 1786), Brandish's Alkaline Solution (dyspepsia, 1866), Optrose rose hip syrup (1966), Besorbon medicinal snuff (catarrh), Keating's Cough Lozenges (ca. 1868), Keybell's Liver Salt (headache, biliousness, flatulence, heartburn, acidity), Keybell's Ginger Wine, Keybell's Compound Balsam of Aniseed (sedative for children), Travogyn (vaginal mycoses, 1981), Tablets of compressed drugs (dyspepsia, gout, nervous exhaustion, headache, neuralgia, sleep disorders), Z-Gel (pains, anxiety, stress, wounds, muscular aches, irritated skin, insect bites, sunburn, 2009), Adamson's Botanic Balsam (coughs, colds, asthma). Advert themes also include soldiers, butterflies, vintage cars.

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.



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