Fairy fly (Himopolynema), parasitoid wasp

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Fairy fly (Himopolynema), parasitoid wasp. Andrew Polaszek, Natural History Museum. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Differential interference contrast (DIC) micrograph of a parasitoid wasp in the Himopolynema genus. These so-called "fairy flies" are actually parasitoid wasps that attack the eggs of other insects. As a result, many are used successfully for the biological control of insect pests of agriculture and horticulture. Himopolynema is the only genus in the family known to have metallic colour. This species was collected in Kalimantan, Borneo in late 2013 and is currently being studied further to determine whether it is a new species or not. Length of parasitoid wasp is approximately 1 mm.

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