The hand, an organ of the mind : what the manual tells the mental / edited by Zdravko Radman.

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"Cartesian-inspired dualism enforces a theoretical distinction between the motor and the cognitive and locates the mental exclusively in the head. This collection, focusing on the hand, challenges this dichotomy, offering theoretical and empirical perspectives on the interconnectedness and interdependence of the manual and mental. The contributors explore the possibility that the hand, far from being the merely mechanical executor of preconceived mental plans, possesses its own know-how, enabling "enhanded" beings to navigate the natural, social, and cultural world without engaging propositional thought, consciousness, and deliberation. The contributors consider not only broad philosophical questions--ranging from the nature of embodiment, enaction, and the extended mind to the phenomenology of agency--but also such specific issues as touching, grasping, gesturing, sociality, and simulation. They show that the capacities of the hand include perception (on its own and in association with other modalities), action, (extended) cognition, social interaction, and communication. Taken together, their accounts offer a handbook of cutting-edge research exploring the ways that the manual shapes and reshapes the mental and creates conditions for embodied agents to act in the world."--Publisher's description.



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xxx, 433 pages : black and white illustrations ; 24 cm


Hand-centeredness -- "Capable of whatever man's ingenuity suggests": agency, deafferentation, and the control of movement -- Developmental origins of the hand in the mind, and the role of the hand in the development of the mind -- Hand-centered space, hand-centered attention, and the control of movement -- Beyond the boundaries of the hand: plasticity of body-space interactions following tool use -- Togetherness in touch -- Touching hands: a neurocognitive review of intersubjective touch -- Touch and the sense of reality -- Perception and representation mind in hand! -- Phenomenology of the hand -- Manual enaction -- The enactive hand -- Radically enactive cognition in our grasp -- The gist of gestures -- Gesture as thought? -- Is cognition embedded or extended? The case of gestures -- Pointing hand: joint attention and embodied symbols -- Manipulation and the mundane -- Privileging exploratory hands: prehension, apprehension, comprehension -- The ecultured hand -- On displacement of agency: the mind handmade -- Tomorrow's hands -- A critical review of classical computational approaches to cognitive robotics: case study for theories of cognition? -- Postscript: Rehabilitating the hand: reflections of a haptic artist.

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