Sir Donald McLeod, Governor of the Punjab, receiving the respect of the Sikh elders. Gouache painting, ca. 1870.

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As Lt. Governor of the Punjab from 1865 to 1870, McLeod "used his patronage to boost vernacular education, primary health care, and agricultural innovation. He founded the university college of Lahore, and established over 300 native municipalities, the most extensive and unniggardly of the early experiments in local self-government. He had a reputation for indiscriminate courtesy and gentility and, far from handicapping him politically, his devoutness actually raised his standing among some Indians. During his time in office, cheap coloured lithographs circulated in Lahore showing him seated as a holy man being venerated by Sikh ascetic"--Oxford Dictionary of National Biography


[Punjab, India], [1870?]

Physical description

1 painting : gouache ; painting and borders 24 x 28.2 cm


The late Sir Donald McLeod R.C.S.I. Lt. Governor Panjab ... Lettering in ink on verso: "The late Sir Donald McLeod R.C.S.I. Lt. Governor Panjab. He is represented with the elders and priests of a sect of Sikhs, sitting receiving their adoration whilst they very respectfully listen to his commands. Angels are showering down in him the blessings of a plenteous harvest. The sect considers itself greatly indebted to Sir Donald for some decisions [?] he many years ago gave in its favor. This picture was presented to Colonel Hutchinson, then Ma. General of Police Panjab, by the Chief Priest of the sect in 1874. G. Hutchinson"


Wellcome Collection 30605i


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