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Acu-moxa chart: yangqiao mai, Chinese woodcut

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Credit: Acu-moxa chart: yangqiao mai, Chinese woodcut. Wellcome Collection. In copyright

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The names of the acu-moxa locations of yangqiao mai (Yang Heel Vessel) are inscribed on a human figure. Yangqiao mai is one of the Eight Extraordinary Channels (qi jing ba mai). Originating at the shenmai (Extending Vessel) point at the outside of the heel, it runs upwards through the outer ankle and the back of the calf, along the outside of the thigh, through the hips and sides to the outer shoulder, and along the neck to the corner of the mouth. It comes into confluence with the taiyang channel and yinqiao mai (Yin Heel Vessel) in the eye socket, then ascends again to the forehead where it joins the foot shaoyang channel. For a list of point names, see 'Lettering'.



Picture title: Yangqiao mai (Yang Heel Vessel). Other lettering (point names): Shenmai (Extending Vessel); fuyang (Instep Yang); naoshu (Upper Arm Conveyor); jianyu (Collar Bone); jugu (Great Bone); dicang (Earth Granary); juliao (Stationary Crevice); chengqi (Receiving Tears)


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