According to plan.

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According to plan. In copyright. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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This film aims to promote good family planning. Children are the 'cement, which creates an impregnable wall against modern living'. We see a family at play and then parents taking their three young children to bed while a narrator begins to discuss the benefits of deciding to use contraception when having children has ceased to be a joy. Health conditions and housing are two such reasons to consider family planning. Animated diagrams show how the male and female reproductive systems work in detail and the narrator describes different forms of contraception. The section on condoms is illustrated with wonderful footage of a condom factory as their virtues are extolled. A female doctor is in consultation with a patient. How a diaphragm works is described. A woman is fitted for a cap. We also see a woman preparing a diaphragm by applying spermicide then inserting it. Later, she cleans it in a sink of water with soap. The cervical cap is also described. The Pill is described; a woman is examined to decide whether she would be a suitable patient. She takes the pill dressed in her nightie; she must record at what time she had the tablet, when her periods fell and even when she had intercourse. Side-effects are possible and continual monitoring by a doctor is required. There is a reference to the unknown risks of continual use. The safe period is described as a means of contraception. Withdrawal is also outlined; it is risky and is considered to be psychologically bad (not providing the 'relief from tensions'). There is a production line for boxed Durex Gossamer condoms. It is recommended that a 'considerate' husband is accompanies his wife to a family planning consultation.


England, 1964.

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1 encoded moving image (19:31 mins.) : sound, colour



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The London Foundation for Marriage Education.

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In Copyright

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In English.

Creator/production credits

Eothen Films for The London Foundation for Marriage Education. Written by Guy Fergusson, Animation Stewart Hardy Films; Joyce Messenger, Jill Mitchell. Commentator Vernon Greeves. Produced by Phillip Sattin. Directed by Guy Fergusson and Phillip Sattin.
Narrated by Vernon Greeves.


The following are credited for their help: Professor W. C. W. Nixon, Dr Sylvia Dawkins, Dr Barbara Law, the patients and the staff of the Obstetric Hospital, University College Hospital, London.
The London Foundation for Marriage Education was one of several front organisations established by the London Rubber Company (LRC), manufacturers of the condom brand Durex; this film was one of a number which were produced by the Foundation. These sponsored films were used to circulate valuable sales and marketing messages to their target audiences.



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