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This film explains the importance of protein in nutrition and deals with the composition of proteins from various sources. Discusses and illustrates some extreme effects of protein malnutrition. Graphs are used to illustrate the amount of protein in a variety of foods. Bread is shown to be a good source of protein, especially when eaten with foods that contain complementary amino acids. After establishing the amount of protein required by babies, children and adults the film goes on to explore the effects of protein malnutrition. There are some images of children suffering from both forms of kwashiorkor (oedema and marasmus) and their condition being assessed by medical personnel. It was filmed in Britain and in Jamaica and discusses the likely problems in each environment. There are concise visual explanations of the causes of kwashiorkor; a mother is shown in Jamaica breastfeeding while her younger child eats, what the narrator describes as "…thin starchy gruels which do no. At the end of the film there is a clip of an elderly gentleman being visited by his doctor while a woman from the WRVS dishes up a hot meal for him. Finally, there is a shot of a crying baby as the voice over reports on a chronic shortage of protein for much of the world's population.


England, 1966.

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1 videocassette (DIGIBETA) (27 min.) : sound, color
1 DVD (27 min.) : sound, color

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Flour Advisory Bureau Ltd.

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Restricted until 01/01/2067.

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Sir Charles Dodds and Verity Films Ltd. Produced by Oswald Skilbeck. Written and directed by David Cons. Animated diagrams by Charles Legg. Edited by Bill Megarry.



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