A woman personifying Flanders gladly receives Ferdinand of Spain as he enters the country on horseback. Etching by T. van Thulden after Sir P.P. Rubens.

  • Rubens, Peter Paul, 1577-1640.
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Left, a Roman soldier accompanying Ferdinand holds trophies from defeated enemies. Above, Victory brings a wreath for Ferdinand. Right, the personification of Flanders is accompanied by the Belgian lion, by Hygieia holding a snake, and by an angel holding the crowned coat of arms of Antwerp. She raises up a fortified city on her head, representing the revival of the war-damaged cities of Flanders



Physical description

1 print : etching ; image 25.7 x 30.8 cm


Sol Belgis exorte tuis, decus orbis Iberi, / Anversam, Fernande, venis optatus ad urbem. / In te spes arrectae hominum: te publica vota / Iampridem arctoi formosum pulvere belli / Excipiunt, genibusque tuis affusa recumbens / Belgica semirutas attollit laetior arces. / In te nostra salus: tibi se reparanda reservant / Tempora funestis belli foedata ruinis, / Ecce ultro gradivus iter tibi pandit, et auspex / circum te niveis volitat victoria pennis. P.P. Rubens inv. Th. a. Thul. scalp.C. Gevartius lud. Bears numbers: "Pag. 11. 6" and "8"


Wellcome Collection 2853533i

Creator/production credits

Latin verses by Jean-Gaspard Gevaerts (Casperius Gevartius)

Reproduction note

After a design produced by Rubens in 1635 for the entry of Ferdinand into Antwerp


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