Course in obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia : 17-19 November 1993.

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A series of 12 audiocassettes documenting the Course in Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia held at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital, London, 17-19 November 1993. Details are as follows: Tape 1: Placental transfer of drugs and gases by Professor Felicity Reynolds; Tape 2: Fluid balance in pregnancy and labour by Dr. Peter Millns / Gastro-intestinal tract in pregnancy and labour by Dr. G. O'Sullivan; Tape 3: Mendelson's syndrome - an historical perspective by Dr. Hugh Seely; Tape 4: Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy by Dr. Elizabeth Letsky; Tape 5: Cardiac disease in pregnancy by Professor Celia Oakley / Pulmonary embolism by Dr. Michael de Swiet; Tape 6: Maternal death by Dr. Trevor Thomas / Walking epidural in labour by Dr. Barbara Morgan; Tape 7: Pre-eclampsia by Professor Chris Redman / Epidurals for Caesarean section by Dr. Stan Rehor; Tape 8: General anaesthesia for Caesarean section by Dr. Griselda Cooper / Spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section by Dr. Ian Russell; Tape 9: Combined spinal epidural for Caesarean section by Len Carrie; Tape 10: Regional block for Caesarean section by Dr. Barbara Morgan; Tape 11: Amniotic fluid embolism by Dr. Diana Brighouse / Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation of pregnant woman by Dr. Gareth Rees; Tape 12: Effect of maternal pain relief on the neonate by Dr. David Harvey; Tape 13: The Jeff Selwyn Crawford Memorial Lectury by Dr. Rosemary Macdonald; Tape 14: Complicatons of epidurals by Dr. Richard Laishley / Mechanisms of epidurals and spinal blockade by Dr. Ernie Grundy; Tape 15: Epidural analgesia in labour by Dr. John Storrs; Tape 16: Assessment of the fetus in labour by Professor Philip Steer / Hypoxia and the fetal brain by Dr. Peter Dear; Tape 17: Intensive care of the shocked obstetric patient by Dr. Gillian Hanson / Epidural and subarachnoid opioids in obstetrics by Dr. David Bogod; Tape 18: Failed intubation by Dr. Michael Harmer.


UK : QED Recording Services Ltd., 1993.

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12 audiocassettes (? min.)

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Royal Postgraduate Medical School.



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