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Down syndrome human karyotype 47,XY,+21

Wessex Reg. Genetics Centre


Free to use with attribution CC BYCredit: Wessex Reg. Genetics Centre
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Down syndrome karyotype (formerly called trisomy 21 syndrome or mongolism), human male, 47,XY,+21. This male has a full chromosome complement plus an extra chromosome 21. Symptoms include a varying degree of mental retardation, growth failure, muscular hypotoicity, flay occiput, large tongue, slanting eyesm, simian palmar crease, intestinal and heart problems, and acute leukaemia. Older survivors often develop Alzheimer's disease in their fourth or fifth decade. The syndrome is associated with advanced maternal age.


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Down syndrome human karyotype 47,XY,+21. Credit: Wessex Reg. Genetics Centre. CC BY

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