Anglo-Egyptian War, 1882: the execution of an Egyptian fighter by a British firing squad in Alexandria. Wood engraving after M. Prior, 1882.

  • Prior, Melton, 1845-1910.
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"A very few persons caught in the act of setting fire to the houses or convicted of the crime of murder, were summarily shot in the Grand Square. Mr Prior writes as follows, concerning an incident which is the subject of one of his sketches: "The spy taken at the Moharrem Bey Gate was at first supposed to be only a rogue, and, as a grave punishment, was ordered to be shaved. But during the process, he let out to the barber, that he was with Arabi. He said that Arabi was the Khedive, and intended fighting to the last; and that he would return to Arabi as soon as possible. He openly defied the English and Europeans; so the same night he was shot." The letter is dated the 19th, a week after the withdrawal of Arabi Pasha; and the writer states that looting was still going on at that time in the town …"-- Illustrated London news, loc. cit.


[London] : [Illustrated London news], [1882]

Physical description

1 print : wood engraving ; image and lettering 15 x 22.7 cm


Execution of an incendiary or looter in the Grand Square. Lettering includes colouring notes. Verso shows a similar scene with lettering mentioning Alexandria


Wellcome Collection 582013i

Creator/production credits

Published on the same sheet as a simliar wood engraving signed "Melton Prior, Rosetta late Alexandria"



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